Hand Carved Wooden Flowers

Using few materials but tons of patience and good taste, the skills of the artist gives life to roses, dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums in just a few minutes.

Upon reaching Pucón, visitors realize they must have a look at one place: Juan’s workshop. This artisan works in front of customers with solid reputation and responsibility. The venue is located right opposite Hotel Araucarias. Juan Castillo Morales learned this craft from his father. Thus, he has had the satisfaction of offering a handicraft that has become typical of his beloved Pucón for over 25 years. We were feeling enthusiastic about how a flower is assembled. We went to the workshop where Juan showed his skills. The materials he uses are: Chilean willow or whicker, a knife and a giant sharpener set on an electric lathe. The raw material is picked up by the artisans themselves, who condition it for the task.

  • Juan’s workshop

    Juan’s workshop

  • Good taste

    Good taste

  • Chilean willow or whicker

    Chilean willow or whicker

  • Roses, dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums

    Roses, dahlias, daisies and chrysanthemums

  • The skills of the artist

    The skills of the artist

  • Innovative handicraft

    Innovative handicraft

  • Located right opposite Hotel Araucarias

    Located right opposite Hotel Araucarias

The rest depends on the agile moves of the hands that shape the whicker stick and the wood shaving curls that come out of the lathe and make up the main body of the item. It looks very simple but the craft has its secrets, only known by the artisan who easily puts together hundreds of flowers of different sizes and designs everyday. Each flower has a core, a main body painted with aniline of various colors and a stick that holds it. Wit, skill and habit are the three elements masterfully handled by Juan. There is a giant stall selling these flowers at the exit of Pucón towards Villarrica. The quantity, size and colors of the flowers catch the eye from a distance. This innovative handicraft has led the Castillo family to represent Pucón in other locations on the planet. A tradition that has crossed the border is kept inside a small workshop.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

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