Excursion to the Caburgua Water Pools

Whether by car or by bike, going on a tour to the Caburgua eyes is a good alternative to find nature a few kilometers away from the urban shell.

One of the classic tours to see the natural beauties surrounding Pucón is the excursion to the Caburgua eyes, some magnificent natural pits in the core of the Valdivian rainforest. In order to visit them, drive or cycle towards Lake Caburgua along 15 kilometers until you reach a detour on the left which leads to a group of natural pools. This underground water emerging amidst a thick forest comes from the same lake after which they are named and other nearby streams.
In the summer, this is the place chosen both by visitors and locals to have a bath, a pic-nic or simply camp.

Another alternative is to continue driving or cycling along the road 3 kilometers ahead from the detour up to the place called “El Cristo”, turn left and then continue along one more kilometer until the Landhaus San Sebastián Inn is reached. At this traditional restaurant and tea house hosted by its owners, visitors may taste classic German dishes, very typical in this area.

  • Find nature

    Find nature

  • The Valdivian rainforest

    The Valdivian rainforest

  • Lush vegetation

    Lush vegetation

  • Underground water emerging amidst a thick forest

    Underground water emerging amidst a thick forest

  • Natural pits

    Natural pits

  • Bath, a pic-nic or simply camp.

    Bath, a pic-nic or simply camp.

  • Comes from the same lake after which they are named

    Comes from the same lake after which they are named

Following the road, one kilometer ahead, visitors will see the San Sebastián Carhuello chapel and, to the right, after 2 kilometers, lie the Bellavista and the Los Copihues Falls. These magnificent cascades have trails that lead to the pools covered by vegetation that grows lushly as a result of the humidity of the environment.

Taking the road as a reference, 300 meters from on the left, lies the camping area known as La Puntilla, where two rivers of quiet waters and small islets join. About 1.4 kilometer ahead, the Carhuello Falls can be accessed. Farther on, a detour on the left leads to the Carileufu Falls. In this place, visitors may stop at a large country house that works as an inn and tea house specialized in German pastries.

Karina Jozami / Eduardo Epifanio

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Turismo Aguaventura
Palguin 336 (4920000) Pucón, IX Región, Chile
Tel: +56 45-2444246 Cel: +56 98620879


Useful Data

Tour Kind: mountain biking.

Level of Difficulty: low.

How to get here: the tour goes along International Road 7.

Recommendations: experience camping for a couple of days at La Puntilla in summer.

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