A Bicycle Ride in the Surroundings of Pucón

An amusing tour around the attractive natural nooks lying close to the city.

The picturesque surroundings of the center of Pucón are excellent for a bike tour. If you are not travelling with your mountain bike, you may rent one and discover the attractions located near the urban center in just half a day. The circuit starts in the area known as La Poza, where there is a pier and several small boats. From that point, you may cycle around Playa Grande observing the peninsula and the high hills surrounding Lake Villarrica along its northern shore. Afterwards, taking Ansorena Street, the monastery is reached. This is an excellent panoramic vantage point to watch the city. For those who are used to practicing this activity, the tour continues along the road to the airport, heading for Lake Caburgua. After riding along the paved road for almost 3 kilometers, take the detour on the left and enter a rubble road leading to a footbridge over the Trancura River.

  • Pucón are excellent for a bike tour

    Pucón are excellent for a bike tour

  • La Poza

    La Poza

  • The monastery, excellent panoramic vantage point

    The monastery, excellent panoramic vantage point

  • Footbridge over the Trancura River

    Footbridge over the Trancura River

  • The Surroundings of Pucón

    The Surroundings of Pucón

  • The Caburga Eyes

    The Caburga Eyes

  • An amusing tour

    An amusing tour

This is an amusing trail across green meadows surrounded by mountains, totally worth the effort. The hanging bridge is 150 meters long and enables adventurers to watch part of the Trancura River rapids and the wild landscape. The rubble road continues up and down always bordering the plentiful river. If you still have strength and feel like going on, you may ride on up to the Caburga Eyes, some natural pools that emerge amidst a thick forest. This certainly is a good spot to get off the bike, have a rest and enjoy the place before starting your way back.

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Turismo Aguaventura

Palguin 336, Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Phone Phone: +56 45-2444246 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +56 98620879

Tour KindTour Kind: mountain biking.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: medium.
DurationDuration: half day.
Recommendations it is convenient to wear sun protection, pack some water and some supplies to improvise a pic-nic.
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