Trancura, Hot Spring Waters and More

Like all the venues in the area, Trancura offers natural waters which spring up from the inside of the Earth and offer benefits for both physical and mental health.

A most surprising fact when entering the Trancura River Hot Spring Resort is the vastness of its facilities and the large number of people who visit it. Several outdoor and indoor pools provide a chance for everyone to find a nook where they can be immersed in the pleasure of thermal waters. The main building boasts rustic ornamentation. We observed a spacious living room with armchairs and windows overlooking the pools. Families willing to take advantage of every service can be seen coming and going. Wearing our swimsuits and appropriate footwear, we wandered around holding a towel until we found the starting point of the hot water immersion circuit. Some hustle and bustle invaded the surroundings due to the number of people who shared this experience at the hot spring resort. Several groups arrived by bus from various points in Chile to spend the day.

  • Several outdoor pools

    Several outdoor pools

  • Different temperatures

    Different temperatures

  • Hot springs on the body

    Hot springs on the body

  • The benefits of water

    The benefits of water

  • Welfare


  • Natural waters

    Natural waters

  • Benefits for physical and mental health

    Benefits for physical and mental health

Each pool has a different temperature and it is essential to check their proper use at the front desk first. Visitors should sit or walk inside the pools for a few minutes. Frequent resting periods must follow. Swimming and diving are not allowed. A large restaurant and coffee place area invites everyone to make a stop and grab a bite while watching the imposing Villarrica Volcano. Sports and recreational activities such as hiking, zip-lining, horseback riding, rappelling and paintball are available for visitors. Besides the benefits of the waters, the woods around the venue feature native species that contribute to relax. Towards the end of the day, we watched the sunset and became aware of the fact that our body had managed proper rest and a new sensation of wellbeing.

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Recommendations Take the International Road joining Pucón and Currarrehue and turn left at Catripuli. Travel 1.5 more kilometers. The total distance is 26 kilometers and the road is completely paved.
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