Two Proposals to Eat out in Pucón

In the City of Pucón, various expressions of the delicious Chilean Gastronomy may be tasted. We present two gourmet proposals that will delight the most demanding palates.

La Maga

Who said that in order to taste a good bife de chorizo one has to cross the border and go to Argentina? Now, in Pucón, you can eat the best products of the Argentinian and Uruguayan grill only a few steps from the town center and feel more than satisfied as regards meat. Whoever approaches this restaurant will find an informal and pleasant atmosphere. Its good table is a fact and delicious dishes are included in its varied menu. However, its essential mark is barbecued meat. It is assisted by its owners, who have been wise to create a cosy atmosphere, finely decorated with local wood for visitors to feel as if they were at home. It has a large and light dining-room, with well-dressed tables and a bar that establishes the style of this place. During your pass through La Maga, do not hesitate to order the famous Uruguayan barbecue, which includes meat, sausages, black pudding, juicy tender bife de chorizo, mix brochettes (tenderloin and chicken) and pork. Ideal for two diners. If you like to try new options but always on the grounds of meat, we recommend the bife de chorizo in cream, seasoned with fine herbs. Spectacular! If you have some time to chat, come to the bar and ask about the history of the place and discover some of the secrets of this Argentinian- Uruguayan grill.

  • Argentinian and Uruguayan grill

    Argentinian and Uruguayan grill

  • Barbecued meat

    Barbecued meat

  • Delicious harmony and decoration

    Delicious harmony and decoration

  • Buonatesta Restaurant

    Buonatesta Restaurant

  • A good name, Buonatesta

    A good name, Buonatesta

The wine list includes the best Chilean wineries, which are the ideal complement to the proposal offered by this distinguished place.

Buona Testa Restaurant

At first sight, the restaurant looks like offering “standardized” dishes rather than dishes related to creativity. But nothing is what it seems. Years ago, Christina Passavant acquired a good name for her specialty in fish and seafood. The fruit and aroma from the Pacific meet daily to be part of the best European recipes in delicious and exclusive dishes. There is an exquisite harmony in the atmosphere and the decoration awakes your appetite against your will. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the richness of colors and flavors is a celebration for the senses. At Buona Testa, you can taste grilled meat and fish, selected seafood with risotto, roesti, or ratatouille on the side and delicious desserts. In this opportunity, a much recommended delicacy to start eating is the machas a la parmesana. Another equally delicious option is the shrimp empanadas sprayed with lemon juice. Following the same trend, it would be a good choice as a main course to order seafood brochettes with shrimp sauce, accompanied with chicken bits and fresh steamed vegetables and home-made bread baked in the very early morning. A strict selection of traditional wines from the best vineyards in the country emphasizes the taste of these dishes.

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La Maga

Gerónimo de Alderete 276 esq. Fresia (4920000) Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Tel: +56 45-2444277


Fresia 243 (4920000) Pucón, IX Región, Chile

Tel: +56 45-2443542

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