Across the Waters at the World’s End

As the ship slides without haste, the western shore of Tierra del Fuego unveils deep fjords and islets covered with forests and sea wildlife.

The Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel make up an inseparable and unforgettable combination for those who choose to navigate around these southern waters. This tour leaves from Punta Arenas on board the watercraft known as Stella Maris. From October to April, the most temperate months, exploring this desert area leads to unspoiled spots with unusual flora and fauna as well as ancient glaciers. In turn, hundreds of stories and legends about a distant past in which the Yaganes, pirates and shipwrecks used to be the protagonists can be heard. We took part in one of those outings and, filled with expectation, we went to the harbor. The ship would become our home for the next four days. No sooner had we got on board than we left our luggage at the cabin we had been assigned. Then we went around the boat in order to get familiar with it. At the beginning of the voyage, we approached the inlet known as Seno del Almirantazgo. It is an imposing gulf nestled among steep mountains. We got ready to land at Ainsworth Bay on board Zodiacs. We caught a spectacular view of Marinelli Glacier and, a little bit farther, an elephant seal colony.

  • Landscapes of unquestionable solitude and beauty

    Landscapes of unquestionable solitude and beauty

  • Eagle glacier

    Eagle glacier

  • Cabo de Hornos lighthouse

    Cabo de Hornos lighthouse

  • Magdalena Island

    Magdalena Island

  • Cape Horn

    Cape Horn

  • Dolphins


  • The southernmost point in the planet

    The southernmost point in the planet

We moved on towards Tuckers Islets, where a crowded colony of Magellanic penguins awaited us. The ship set sail southwards heading for Pía Glacier. A short walk led us to a panoramic point that featured a clear idea of the size of that ice field. On our way back from the Beagle Channel, we found ourselves in front of Los Glaciares Avenue, where calving events and ice-floes running adrift made up a unique scene. Little by little, we were getting close to Ushuaia and Navarino Island. At this stage of the voyage we had already enjoyed the comfort offered by the watercraft. Stella Maria Cruiseship boasts cutting-edge technology, an excellent design and superior safety measures. Hiking around highly pure environments was a pleasure. Outings were very well organized and we were equipped with the necessary outfit according to the terrain and the weather we would be immersed in. It was time to find the southernmost landmark in the expedition: Cape Horn, where the waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans mingle. We spotted that rocky point and knew it is considered the last piece of land before reaching Antarctica. Back on the Zodiacs, we got to Wulaia Bay and landed at that desert point once treaded by Charles Darwin. As we arrived in the City of Ushuaia, the adventure finished. We observed its steep street and its location in front of the mounts. Before descending to the harbor, we went through our itinerary in our minds, remembering every scene, fjord, the unpolluted ice and we felt satisfied to have made such a choice. We left that oceanic route behind. It was as beautiful as it was inhospitable. It had given us moments we would never forget.

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Tour KindTour Kind: Contemplative
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Hiking tours feature different levels of difficulty. Passengers are provided essential information by the guides before the tours begin.
DurationDuration: 4 days and 3 nights.
Recommendations The cruise ship offers different cabin levels. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as welcome and farewell cocktails, are served on board. There are no special services for disabled people on board.

The entire tour goes around areas where temperatures are very low. Therefore, it is advisable to pack warm clothes, especially for landing. Inside the ship, the temperature is pleasant and it is usually recommended to wear sports clothes.
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