Hot Springs Tour in Puyuhuapi

We got ready to see and enjoy the benefits of the thermal waters springing from the core of the mountain and we let our body and spirit be blessed with their balsam.

When the hot waters emerge from the mountain, they join the ones coming from the cascades as well as the saltwater coming from the sea. A masterfully blended cocktail available for unlimited pleasure.

Nature has been very generous with the area close to Queulat National Park. Lush rainforest and a spectacular mountain range offer the possibility to behold snow-capped peaks and glaciers year round. We have been always amazed by the capacity Earth has to provide its benefits on a regular basis and without measure. The high-quality hot spring waters are one of these benefits. On both shores of the Puyuhuapi Channel, on the sea fjord, very close to the town of Puyuhuapi, we found that attraction. To get to the Lodge & Spa Termas de Puyuhuapi, we drove along Southern Road and made a short navigation on a motorboat called “ La Dorita”, which crosses to the other shore, where the resort is located. Located in Del Ventisquero Inlet, the complex made up by the apart hotel and spa impresses visitors the moment they arrive here. Beaches and outdoor pools are immersed in an incredible native forest. We toured the facilities along with Annet and Rodrigo. We made ourselves comfortable and used one of the outdoor pools with a rocky bottom. Contact with nature is the most important thing here. Warm and cool water cascades fall naturally down on pools. Relaxed and with a peaceful feeling as a result of the water temperature, we learned that each pool had a different level of heat. The nearby pools are covered with ferns, which made us feel alone in the middle of nature.

As we introduced our feet in a tiny tub full of very cold water, our sensations were balanced and our body temperature decreased. We felt a fantastic kind of pleasure: as if our bodies were lighter. Afterwards, we had a rest while staring at the sea. Annet said that “those who want a powerful energy bath simply move from hot springs to a frozen water cascade or take a dip in the sea a few meters from the pools”. These waters of volcanic origin are highly mineralized. She always advises visitors to take baths at night in order to enjoy the deep silence only interrupted by the croaking of frogs and the sound of waves over the beach. In addition to offering accommodation, the resort also has a huge indoor pool at the central hall as well as high-class spa services which complete thermal therapy. Thalassotherapy, hydromassage, mud therapy, and massage with elements from nature are some of the services. Water sports, fishing outings, hiking and wildlife mapping are other activities on schedule for guests. Our visit took just a few hours but the feeling of wellbeing we obtained there remained in time.

Where Man Has not Changed the Original Scenery Yet

We also visited another hot springs resort near Puyuhuapi located on the same Southern Road. Just 6 kilometers away from town, Termas del Ventisquero offers the chance to spend a pleasant day in the waters of volcanic origin in combination with the sea waters. Upon our arrival, we met the host, Mr. Luis Calderón. On the coast, the complex resembles a balcony overlooking the sea, a very harmonious design in tune with nature. Three thermal pools with temperature ranging from 20° to 35° and 40° may be used provided that visitors stay no longer than 20 minutes. This is a young hot spring resort. We chose the average temperature pool to enjoy its properties. Transparent waters and a priceless sensation were caused by the mineralized waters on our bodies. Only some seconds before the recommended 20 minutes were due, we came out of the water and immediately felt the difference between the hot springs and the sea air, cooler but agreeable. Then, we moved onto a coach for a relax massage. On the beach, hot water emerges from a huge rock in a steamy environment. As it makes contact with the saltwater, temperature reaches around 30°. A pool contains these two sources of health. Our visit to Termas del Ventisquero was an excellent finale for the activities we enjoyed in the area, as the venue offered a revitalizing rest. When the weather is nice, visitors may take baths under the stars until 11pm. We left this experience pending for our next visit. Nature provides countless ways of pleasure. We just need to discover and use them without disturbing the environment.

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