When It Is Summer in Chapelco

The mild temperatures of January and February turn Chapelco into a space for adventure in which adrenaline can flow at any age.

Not everything is ski and snowboarding at Chapelco. When San Martín de los Andes boasts its brightest colors, the ski resort brings out its summer games for the entire family to have a good time. We went up to the base of the mountain to see what activity would awake new emotions both in grown-ups and kids. We felt enthusiastic about the ascent on board the cable car, which is the usual way skiers access the trails in the winter up to 1,600 meters of height. As we went up, we enjoyed the green canopies of the lenga woods from above. Once we got to our destination, we caught matchless views of Lanín Volcano and Lake Lácar and noticed there were many people practicing the activities available. One of them was a good hike uphill in the company of a guide that leads adventurers to the farthest distant nooks of the mountain. These tours are organized according to age and they access panoramic points we would never reach on our own. It also guarantees that visitors will take the best photographs in the district on an outing without haste.

  • Tandem safely

    Tandem safely

  • Mountain Bike

    Mountain Bike

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    Shooting with bow

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    For the kids

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  • Patagonian slide

    Patagonian slide

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    Horseback riding

The great number of trees that cover the mountain has made it possible to put up a zip-lining circuit with high platforms. Flying through the canopies ensures a unique point of view. Adventurers just need to dominate the vertigo produced by the speed they can gain. The most popular attraction is the Patagonian toboggan, a vertiginous zigzagging descent down the hillsides on a sled whose effect can easily be compared to that produced by skis. We went down more than once and it was surprisingly amusing. Parents can take their younger kids in tandem for safety. Mountain bikes are also highly appreciated as several circuits of different levels of difficulty have been designed. They can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike. The latter will find bumps, obstacles and slopes that will guarantee high levels of excitement. At the end of the season, a race called “Mountain Bike Family Day” offers different categories and levels of difficulty to encourage this famous sport. Archery, wall climbing and the trampoline for the youngest complete the activity offer. Recreation and sport are present every summer at Mount Chapelco, a true host year round.

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