Tolhuin Lake Fagnano - Tolhuin - Photo: Jorge González
Half way between Ushuaia and Río Grande, in the point where the plateau turns into mountain, appears Tolhuin, coming from Río Grande along national route Nº 3, on the head of Lake Fagnano, slightly more than 100 km. from Ushuaia, in the heart of the island. This little neat commune offers the possibility to sleep in inns, cottages or camping sites.
It can also be the start point to visit any of the numerous estancias in the centre of Tierra del Fuego, or to go on a fishing outing, to a walk in the forest, or to the imposing lake Fagnano.
The natural enchantment of Tolhuín is given by the different geographical factors. Due to its location in the limit between the mountain chain and the plain of Tierra del Fuego, it creates its own climate different from the other cities in the province. It is surrounded by forest and the vast lake Fagnano, where many rivers bring their crystalline waters along fantastic courses, in an attractive place to discover and rest.
At present the existing infraestructure is being expanded to satisfy the great service demand of new families, weekend houses and private investors.
It is also very much frequented by people from the province during weekends or vacations.
There are different services available like delicacy houses, restaurants, grills, camping sites, tea houses, jam fsctories, and regional souvenirs´ shops.
The tourist who visits Tolhuín can enjoy different open air activities like fishing in rivers or from boats, horse riding, walking, bike riding, sliding on sleighs dragged by dogs, and other activities. Undoubtedly, an invitation to fun and recreation.
Those who appreciate harmony, cordiality, and the perfect combination between man-made things and nature, will find their place in Tolhuín. This city is constantly offering the possibility to meet with the origins of this land that is definitely "the heart of the end of the world".

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