Renting a RIB in Villa La Angostura

You can do everything at Villa La Angostura. Sailing across the Nahuel Huapi and its hidden nooks is a dream that may come true.

When it comes to choosing our vacations, Villa La Angostura was top of the list. We had enjoyed several seasons at that mountain village that produces more and more attractions for visitors to come back. The dream of sailing across the Nahuel Huapi on board a RIB remained intact, as many other times when we had spent our vacations at the village and observed other tourists and neighbors relishing the water. Some people wanted to fish, others just sunbathe. However, all of them wanted to see new places and the most delightful nooks in the lake. This was what the entire family wanted and even though our watercraft was at the marina near our place of residence, when we evaluated the possibility of taking it all the way down to Patagonia, we noticed it was safer and more profitable to rent one at our destination, thus avoiding having to tow the motorboat, the trailer and all the risks this represents.

  • Its hidden corners is the dream of many

    Its hidden corners is the dream of many

  • The landscape from another place

    The landscape from another place

  • A must see place

    A must see place

  • Navigating the Nahuel Huapi

    Navigating the Nahuel Huapi

  • National Park

    National Park

  • On board a semi-rigid

    On board a semi-rigid

  • The dream came true

    The dream came true

That is how the idea to rent a watercraft in Villa La Angostura emerged. We already knew there are tourist operators who could provide us not only with the boat but also with all the necessary safety equipment. They are also in charge of showing visitors a map and recommending the best sights and landing spots to enjoy a dreamed-of picnic. Recommendations include a visit to the myrtle tree woods on Quetrihué Peninsula or some must-see beaches spread all along the lakeshore. And our dream came true. We bade farewell to the people in charge of enlightening us with everything about the boat and set sail. In a matter of seconds, we felt the RIB we had rented was ours. We got familiar with the sound of the engine and handled the necessary maneuvers to land and to set sail again. We were carrying our lunch, a swimsuit to enjoy diving, fishing rods to try both trolling and fly-casting and hot water in our flask to ensure some mate in the afternoon. Likewise, we had made sure we had packed some warm clothes for sunset as we did not wish to go back to our cabin in Villa La Angostura any time soon. For a while, we resolved to stop the engine in the middle of the bay and take photographs. We caught shots of the woods, some cabins on the hillsides and some ducks. The bays, peninsulas and beaches followed one another. The passengers gave their opinions about the different places to land. We all agreed to find an unspoiled sandy beach and use it as a private spot to picnic. Suddenly, a big wave made the boat rock more than we had expected. What was it? The mystical creature known as El Nahuelito? Had the wind changed? No. It was a catamaran that on crossing the lake had left a wake that reached us in the form of a wave. Very close to one of the shores, diucas and black-faced ibis made their appearance with their distinguishing chirping, typical of Patagonian birds. This was their territory, not ours. We learned not to disturb them. We just wanted to take some pictures to take back home. Eventually, we reached our destination and devoted ourselves to enjoying the day at that fantastic location. The RIB was safe enough for us to cross and make the necessary movements to fish. The secret is to keep balance inside the boat, using boats, clothes, fishing rods and the like. And thus, we spent the day on that amazing beach, going out following small courses or drains to fish. This kind of watercraft is ideal for these activities. We all agreed that having a boat available during our stay had been an excellent decision. Crossing the lake waters gave us a unique feeling of freedom and serenity.

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Recommendations All watercrafts for rent are properly authorized by National Parks Administration and Prefectura Nacional Argentina. They comply with all the corresponding safety measures and are in touch with solid ground. Whoever leads the helm must have the corresponding license.

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