Crossing towards Chile from Villa la Angostura

People always want to know what lies on the other side. There is nothing like a getaway through the border into neighboring Chile. Here is all the necessary information.

Practically all the residents of Villa La Angostura (Neuquén) have crossed the border towards Chile at least once in their lifetime. At times, the exchange rate may favor one country over the other. However, this is just an excuse to enjoy the neighboring country at any time. After all, shopping is not the only attraction. There are many sights to see. Residents of Villa la Angostura who have crossed the border have surely chosen Cardenal Samoré Pass, also known as Puyehue. This circuit enables visitors to reach the other side of the Andes in a few hours. Thus, they may reach a destination where customs are different and the local lifestyle lures tourists from all over the world. Travelers just need to head northwards from Villa La Angostura towards the junction with National Route 231, which leads to the Argentinian Customs Office 45 kilometers ahead. The crossing from Villa La Angostura to Osorno takes approximately 2 ½ hours. The distance covered is about 160 kilometers of unsurpassed beauty.

  • Departing from Villa La Angostura

    Departing from Villa La Angostura

  • On the other side, Chile

    On the other side, Chile

  • Customs Office of Puyehue

    Customs Office of Puyehue

  • International boundary

    International boundary

  • Osorno


The International Pass called Puyehue or Cardenal Samoré is the second most important joining Chile and Argentina. Almost ten thousand people and two thousand cars get to cross the border on a busy day. Maybe that is the reason why Customs and Migration officers from both countries strive to organize and speed the different procedures during which the corresponding documentation must be presented so that travelers do not waste any time. First comers should know that Cardenal Samoré Pass crosses the Andes Mountain Range at a maximum height of 1,314 meters above sea level, joining the Argentinian Cities of Villa La Angostura and San Carlos de Bariloche with interesting Osorno, on the Chilean side. The road is fully paved and works are constantly being carried out, especially in the winter, during the meltdown period. Therefore, drivers must be extremely careful and follow the indications given by all road signs. Once on Chilean territory, Route 215 leads to the City of Osorno, after crossing small villages immersed in the mountain range and the woods. These little paradisiacal towns are ideal to make a stop. Some of these are Puyehue, Río Bueno and Purranque. Then, Route 5 leads to the Lake District, where other cities like Puerto Octay, Frutillar, Puerto Varas and, on the seashore, Puerto Montt await tourists to show off their wonderful features. The pass is open year round, except on certain occasions in the winter when heavy snowfalls make it necessary to remove the snow to both sides of the border in order to guarantee the proper road conditions.

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Recommendations Before setting out, it is advisable to read our special section on Customs requirements to enter or leave the country at

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