La Piedra Recreation Center

We enjoyed several activities such as rappelling, climbing, Tyrolean crossing and amusing adventures on ATVs only 3 kilometers away from downtown Villa La Angostura, when we visited La Piedra Recreational Center.

After driving for a few kilometers, we reached the recreational center. Owned by a tourist and mountain guide who explained to us the various options available, we were guaranteed an afternoon full of adrenaline. We started with an ATV ride. The 90-c.c. vehicles were waiting for us to go on a guided tour around a coihue wood lying on the hillsides of Mount Bayo, where nature is enjoyed to the fullest. The circuit features various degrees of difficulty but it is not necessary to be an experienced rider. Visitors will learn how to drive an ATV in just five minutes. Then, everything will be a hallucinating experience. After an intense ride, we went climbing up the main wall at La Piedra. We did our best to conquer the highest step in the resort. This activity lets visitors go up natural walls using the top-roping style, by means of which the instructor ensures climbers’ safety with ropes. We had to wear a harness, gather some courage and pay special attention to the directions given by the mountain guide during the ascent. La Piedra Recreational Center offers several climbing routes, according to visitors’ experience. We chose the most appropriate for us. Once we hit the summit, it was time for rappelling: an amusing way to go down the wall feeling vertigo at each jump as we faced the mountain side. Just like climbing, rappelling features different degrees of difficulty.

  • La Piedra Recreation Center

    La Piedra Recreation Center

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    Elastic beds

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    ATV in winter or summer

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    Tyrolean crossing

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    Fun for young and old

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    Touring the forest

We were provided with all the necessary equipment to descent in an amusing and safe fashion. The instructor showed us the best way to go down: short jumps while sliding the rope through the automatic descender. That was enough for us to enjoy the adventure. The perfect ending for a thrilling afternoon was a Tyrolean crossing. We covered a 50-meter distance sitting on a trolley that slides along a steel wire at 4 meters of height and reaches considerable speed. Anyway, the cart stops smoothly through an elastic rope when it reaches the end of the circuit. Tyrolean crossing is special for everyone. There is no age limit to have fun. People just need to sit on the trolley, fasten their safety belt and let them slide along the cable that crosses the resort. Another nice possibility is to jump on an elastic bed where all safety measures are ensured in order to try the most amazing pirouettes. 360º turns may be experienced there. Besides, in the winter, snowshoeing tours take visitors down to the snowed woodlands of Villa La Angostura. All these interesting activities are available at La Piedra, a memorable place where adventure is present always.

Autor Marcelo Sola

Contact of the excursion or tour

Centro Recreativo La Piedra

Ruta de acc. al Co. Bayo a 200 mts de Ruta 231, Villa La Angostura, Neuquén, Argentina

Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 294-4562314

Tour KindTour Kind: Various.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Medium.
How to get hereHow to get here: Travel along Arrayanes Avenue towards San Carlos de Bariloche. After 3 kilometers, turn left into Route 66, which leads to the ski resort on Mount Bayo, and drive along 200 more meters.

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