The Green Lagoon in Villa La Angostura

A trail upholstered with thousands of small leaves helped us make contact with nature inside an ancient humid forest.

A wooden gate welcomed us to Laguna Verde (the Green Lagoon) Very close to the downtown and the port area, this small site amazed us because it revealed the inside of the Patagonian forest. Once inside the venue, we felt the need to stroll around the lagoon to enjoy the local quietness almost in silence. Our first impact was visual: the narrow path seemed to be “roofed” by the thick canopies of ancient shady trees. The atmosphere was very humid. There were fungi on the trunks. The water body and the thick foliage have created a typical micro-climate where birds have settled their nests. The breeze would sway the branches above and their murmur was the only sound along with the chirping of the birds. That was the second impact: auditory.

  • Several wooden footbridges

    Several wooden footbridges

  • Make contact with nature

    Make contact with nature

  • Past the End of our Noses

    Past the End of our Noses

  • Micro-climate where birds have settled their nests

    Micro-climate where birds have settled their nests

  • The local quietness

    The local quietness

Some logs served as seats for us to watch the environment. We later discovered there were wooden benches in strategic spots for such purpose. “Good morning!” we greeted to an old woman who was sitting down there with an open book. This fact confirmed what we had thought: this was an ideal site for reading. Some tree species were growing intertwined with other very large specimens. It was curious to see a myrtle tree embracing a huge cypress with its branches and bark. The different brown and yellow hues helped us make one tree from the other. We imagined their perfume and color in times of bloom.

Past the End of our Noses

Several wooden footbridges enabled us to get closer to the lagoon and we felt as if we were walking over the surface. However, their muddy waters confirmed the prohibition of swimming as indicated on a sign. The herons indulged themselves by wetting their feathers on the water and maybe looking for food. Some of them were freshening up and getting dry in the sunshine as they showed off their fine white silhouette. “Did you know this interpretive trail?” we were asked by some young residents riding bikes and proud of this place unknown by many people. “No, we have just discovered it and we think it’s incredible”, we replied. Finally, we watched the signs at the access and closed the gate leaving that moment of quietness behind.

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Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Recommendations The details of this tour were courtesy of the Municipal Tourism Office, 93, 7 Lagos Avenue, Villa La Angostura.

Visitors may have access through the backyard of the Chapel of the Assumption, located on Nahuel Huapi Avenue, on the way to the port. There is a sign and parking lot for vehicles.

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