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Villa la Angostura, the garden of Patagonia, presents multiple landscapes where you can go by bicycle...

Villa la Angostura, known as “the Garden of Patagonia”, features a great deal of sceneries that may be discovered on a bike tour.

Officially founded on May 15, 1932, Villa La Angostura is a typical mountain village with small buildings and lush vegetation. During a visit to this striking and peaceful spot, this 4-day cycling tour that includes different circuits is highly recommended. They all start at the Automóvil Club Argentino venue (in the heart of the village). All of these options are ideal to enjoy with the family.

First Day

The first day took us eastwards. As we left town, we took Route 237 in order to visit two spectacular sites. The first one was the Bonito River, whose name stands for “pretty” in Spanish and which lies 5 kilometers away from town. It is reached through the paved road getting past the detour to Mount Bayo. Once there, we left the main road and bordered the riverbank. It is a splendid spot to sit on the rocks by the water. After a while, we went back to the road heading for the same direction. One kilometer ahead, we came to the access to Manzano Peninsula, one of the dreamed-of places in Villa la Angostura. Dirt paths and plenty of vegetation, as well as two bays that overlook Lake Nahuel Huapi make up a perfect site to spend the afternoon and have a snack on the beach. It is important to leave before sunset, since it is not advisable to ride in the dark and the village lies 7 kilometers away.

Second Day

This time we rode to the northwest. We left the village following the Seven-Lake Road and after one kilometer, we came to a crossroads at Cacique Antriau Street. We turned right and started a way uphill to Mount Belvedere viewpoint. After a while, we got there and enjoyed excellent panoramic sights of the village, Lake Correntoso, Lake Nahuel Huapi and Lake Espejo. The way up is quite exhausting but the downhill ride is extremely pleasant. Once we came down, we went back to the Seven-Lake Road and cycled for one kilometer up to the detour on the left leading to the Correntoso River. This waterway joins the lake bearing the same name with Lake Nahuel Huapi. A beautiful wooden bridge over it lets crossers watch the trout. It was a perfect spot to stop for lunch while watching both Lake Correntoso and the Nahuel Huapi. After a while, we went back to the route and cycled for 4 kilometers to the crossing with the road to San Martín de los Andes on the right, following the Seven-Lake Road, and to Chile on the left, across Cardenal Samoré International Pass. We turned right and 100 meters ahead, we found the road leading to Lake Espejo, a wonderful water body immersed in a wild environment where visitors can enjoy a wonderful afternoon rest. Again, it is essential to remember that the village is quite distant from this spot and riders should have enough time to cycle back to town before dark.

Third Day

This time, a stunning tour teeming with adrenaline was waiting for us. We took Route 237 again but this time we took the detour to Mount Bayo. We rode 6 kilometers uphill following a gravel road. If you are not physically fit, it is convenient to hire a shuttle to the base of the hill. Once on the Bayo, the day was divided into two sections. First, using the ski resort chairlifts, we went up to the Club Andino shelter carrying our bikes. At this spot, we took a panoramic path that featured a view of the village from the heights. We also spotted Mount Tronador, Victoria Island, Bariloche and the needles of Mount Catedral. As we reached the base, we had a break for lunch and got ready for a spectacular descent from the hill to the village: 9 kilometers downhill. It is important to be careful, as the gravel road is quite dangerous. A helmet should be worn at all times. It is a winding road and speed is gained very easily.

Fourth Day

It was time to go to the port of Villa La Angostura. We left from Automóvil Club Argentino, turned left and cycled for three kilometers. Then we came to a gorgeous wooden pier ruled by Prefectura. There is the access to Los Arrayanes/Península de Quetrihué National Park. It is worth cycling around this area and getting to know the spectacular myrtle-tree forest that covers an area of 12 hectares. The forest is 12 kilometers away from the village, and full of white flowers on cinnamon color trees coexisting with other species like palo santo, laurel, maitén and cinnamon trees. Besides, there are birds like Austral thrushes, chucao, hualas and black-crowned night herons. This tour teeming with nature takes all day. In the afternoon, back at the port, we were exhausted. But there was still more. Before the end of the day, we went to visit the Assumption of Mary’s Chapel, which lies on the way to the center of the village. It was founded by the religious missions.

Thus, our bike tour around the outskirts of Villa La Angostura came to an end. We felt completely pleased to have visited this mountain village in a very particular way.

Tour KindTour Kind: Mountain Bike.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Medium.
DurationDuration: 4 days.

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