Mount Otto

The cable car that reaches the top is part of the tour to Mount Otto, as it lets visitors enjoy the scenery at very low speed and featuring a splendid sight of the entire area of Bariloche.

While doing various tours around the outskirts of Bariloche, we noticed Mount Otto and the coffeehouse on its top. We had visited it in the past but once again, we went up the cable car to enjoy its delicacies. As soon as we were there, we remembered the feeling of floating amidst the clouds.

We sat at our table next to one of the large windows and got ready to taste a soft drink and a sandwich as we kept our eyes in the landscape outside. Even though we were aware of the movement of the coffee-house, we were surprised. We paid attention to the floor and could easily identify the fix area around which the moving platform revolved.

The joint is so well managed that it is easy to pass from one part to the other without any major inconvenience. The movement is very slow, almost imperceptible. This fact is evidenced by the almost half hour it takes to complete one turn. A real masterpiece of clock-making.

  • Fall colors

    Fall colors

  • The images kept changing

    The images kept changing

  • Coffeehouse on its top

    Coffeehouse on its top

  • Tribute to Italian sculptor Michelangelo

    Tribute to Italian sculptor Michelangelo

  • Art gallery

    Art gallery

  • Famous works

    Famous works

Through the windows, the images kept changing. The mountains would come closer or get farther away accordingly with the movement. A soft breeze was heard against the glass, though everything was quiet inside.

As we chatted, we could not stop noticing the changes at our window. The mountains changed into the layout of the neighborhoods on the hillsides and, in the distance, into the high buildings of the downtown area.

One of the waitresses became aware of our interest and told us: “You should come at different seasons to notice the change. The snow-capped mountains remain most of the year and the hues of the fall are the most impressive”. We did not lose track of the large Lake Nahuel Huapi and each of its islets as we tried to guess which one was Victoria Island. We thought we succeeded.

We dared to order another piece of homemade cake with much chocolate and regional jam to keep delighting ourselves with a very interesting menu. It was also an excuse not to leave what our window was offering us.

An art gallery to pay tribute to Italian sculptor Michelangelo is open at the basement. From the staircase, we made out the huge life-size replica of the David. Then we came close to La Pietà and the Moses, impeccable reproductions of the famous works that included posters of the same pieces.

Outside, several terraces gave us other images of the heights and we took advantage of the moment to capture them with our cameras. Other activities were available at the resort. In nice weather, visitors may go hiking around the mountain in the company of specialized guides using a suspension bridge. Likewise, a new game for children –known as Otto Kart- seemed quite amusing.

An intense light blue sky bade us farewell and promised to welcome us on our next visit to Bariloche when we will repeat this experience.
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Useful Data

Timetables: Open hours change from winter to summer. It all depends on the daylight hours.

Recommendations: Two ways of reaching the top of the mount:On board the cable car. The station lies at the 5th kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The rate includes access to the resort on the summit. The tour takes 12 minutes. It is the only accessible lift in the winter.By car, starting at the 1st kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The ride takes 9 kilometers uphill along a gravel road surrounded by woodlands. The ski trail Piedras Blancas lies on the way. This is a narrow path ending at a cliff. Access fee to the resort is paid at the moment of taking the funicular to the top. Closed in the winter.

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