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The traditional excursion par excellence when the visitor arrives in San Carlos de Bariloche is, without a doubt, Cerro Otto Cable Car, because it is a recreational complex that combines fun, culture, adventure and nature for all ages, in the four seasons of the year. And above all, because it is ideal to enjoy with the family and none of the activities it offers, they require previous experience.

The Lower Station, from where 42 panoramic gondolas leave with capacity for 4 people seated, is located at the intersection of Av. De los Pioneros and Av. S.M. Furman, 5 km from the city center. Easily accessible as it can be reached individually but also on the complex´s free buses that depart from Villegas and Miter and from San Martín and Independencia Ave., Cerro Otto Cable Car becomes an experience to enjoy from the very beginning of the ascent . In just 12 minutes of flight you will arrive at one of the most beautiful summits of Bariloche , at 1405 meters high s.n.m. where the complex itself is located. Upon entering, the visitor can begin by touring its imposing art gallery , which exposes exact and original-sized traces of El David, La Piedad and El Moisés, three of the most imposing sculptures of the Italian artist Miguel Angel Buonarroti. They were traced directly from the originals and certified by the government of Italy and made of marble and acrylic resin powder, which gives them such a precise similarity to the real ones that there are those who dare to say that there is no difference. The tour continues through the microcine in which documentaries are projected on the natural benefits of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, the history of Bariloche, the Furman Foundation and the Cable Car itself, specially produced by the complex. That space also becomes, when students arrive on their graduate trip or for groups that arrive through travel agencies, on the only disc on the top of a mountain Otto House Music , and also on stage of different shows.

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    Fall colors

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    The images kept changing

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    Coffeehouse on its top

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    Art gallery

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    Famous works

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    Tribute to Italian sculptor Michelangelo

Mandatory stop is its exclusive revolving confectionery in which you can taste delicacies of artisanal pastry, typical dishes of regional cuisine such as goulash with spatzle, trouts in different preparations and smoked bites from the area, I enter other varied options, or simply delicious sandwiches for those who prefer fast food. All this while turning at an almost imperceptible speed in a warm environment, surrounded by large windows that allow you to capture the best images of the natural environment. As a souvenir of an unforgettable day, you can buy handicrafts and varied original products in their souvenir shops or take pictures with the traditional San Bernardo dogs. Once abroad, activities vary according to the time of the year. During the winter, when the snow has already settled on the summit, the fun is centered on the slide with sledges surrounding the slope of the mountain crossing curves and a captivating landscape throughout the route. You cannot miss the snowshoe walks through the snowy forest, always accompanied by a mountain expert who entertains the walk with entertaining explanations about the geography, flora and fauna of the area. All the year, ascent and descent in the Funicular of the summit, means of transport that transports the passengers from the end of the tracks until the start again; garden of prayer, a space of spirituality in the heights and the children´s corner in which the little ones can continue enjoying while the adults contemplate an environment of incomparable landscape beauty, with lakes, mountains, and lush vegetation . During the rest of the year, when the snow is removed, the sled tracks are upholstered with vinyl material and transformed into Otto Kart tracks: colorful Canadian-style inflatables to have fun with pure adrenaline and the walks will no longer be with snowshoes but with footwear appropriate for trekking. Visitors will also find the "Otto Cycle" , which includes a suspension bridge, cabin of the distorting mirrors and forest labyrinth. Unmissable views of the Nahuel Huapi National Park from the panoramic terrace and deck !! Back at the Lower Station, and before retiring from the complex, the surprise will be waiting for you at the Fotoshop store, so that passengers who wish to do so can be portrayed in a fixed gondola specially prepared for this purpose, imitating awful pirouettes, but as if were in full flight, or live a different experience in the flight simulator. Cerro Otto Cable Car belongs to the Sara Maria Furman Foundation (PJ nº 1044) and the total profits collected are donated annually to public good entities, 50% corresponding to the Cooperating Association of the Public Hospital of San Carlos de Bariloche and the remaining 50% to two organizations of the Israeli community of Buenos Aires.

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Teleférico Cerro Otto

Av de los Pioneros Km 5, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 294-4441035

TimetablesTimetables: Open hours change from winter to summer. It all depends on the daylight hours.
Recommendations Two ways of reaching the top of the mount:
On board the cable car. The station lies at the 5th kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The rate includes access to the resort on the summit. The tour takes 12 minutes. It is the only accessible lift in the winter.

By car, starting at the 1st kilometer marker on De los Pioneros Avenue. The ride takes 9 kilometers uphill along a gravel road surrounded by woodlands. The ski trail Piedras Blancas lies on the way.

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