Horseback Rides at Campanario Hill

A local is in charge of guiding one of the most interesting tours in the area. It includes a winding mountain trail that shows off wonderful natural sceneries.

A few minutes after setting out, we found ourselves in the middle of the forest, surrounded by huge hundred-year-old trees. The horseback ride lasts approximately two hours and there is no doubt that this is a different way to visit remote unexplored sites. The circuit starts at the 15,500th-kilometer-marker on Ezequiel Bustillo Avenue. Once there, turn left and then walk three blocks up to Tom Wesley’s Resort. Inexperienced riders have no reason to worry: the horses used for these tours are referred to as “pilcheros” -which means that they have been trained to carry luggage - and are very much used to going up and down narrow trails.

  • A winding mountain trail

    A winding mountain trail

  • Wonderful natural sceneries

    Wonderful natural sceneries

  • Remote unexplored sites

    Remote unexplored sites

  • Never forget that fantastic crossing

    Never forget that fantastic crossing

By the way, the trail gets very close to the summit. From that point onwards, adventurers may catch one of the most beautiful panoramic sights in Bariloche. Of course that it is also possible to identify countless birds that dwell in the area. The guides provide great knowledge during the ride. One of the most wonderful moments in the tour consists in beholding the vast Nahuel Huapi. It is an experience second to none. Visitors usually let themselves be carried away by thrill and pleasure. Minutes after the horseback ride starts, the slope becomes steeper. We would be soon facing a valley upholstered in vegetation and crossed by a small creek. This site lies on the edge of the mountain but it is extremely important to follow the guide carefully and to step exactly on the same track he stepped on. Once we found a comfortable spot at the heights, we could observe López Hill, El Trébol Pond and Lake Moreno: three awesome sites to visit. While taking this kind of tours, it is very important that travelers feel at ease and nothing may upset them. In such sense, the saddles used are very comfortable and ensure a quiet ride. Each scenery and panoramic sight may be enjoyed with great pleasure. Eventually, the main goal is achieved: the summit of Campanario Hill. Once there, we had all the time we needed to observe the site from its different perspectives. It is an excellent spot to take good photographs. The way back to the resort is much shorter because the guides lead the ride through a secret shortcut. In the last stretch of the tour, our horse gave us a nice speedy pace to make us enjoy the wind on our faces amidst nature. By then, we were certain we would never forget that fantastic crossing to one of the most beautiful sites in Bariloche: Campanario Hill.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Eduardo Epifanio

Contact of the excursion or tour

Tom Wesley

Av. Bustillo - Km. 15.500, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 294-4448193

Tour KindTour Kind: Horseback Rides.
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Low.
Recommendations Av. Ezequiel Bustillo until km. 15,500, turn to the left and drive three blocks to Tom Wesley´s complex .

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