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There are sites scattered around the world in charge of explaining “the world”. Peuma Hue -”site of dreams” in the Mapuche tongue- is one of them.

Peuma Hue stands for "site of dreams" in the Mapuche tongue and visitors just need to see this estancia nestled in Bariloche, within the territory of Nahuel Huapi National Park, to feel they are in paradise. The site has all the attractions and services of a luxurious estancia in Patagonia, with the advantage of lying just 20 minutes south of Bariloche. It offers guests its proximity and the possibility to enjoy deluxe accommodation with a wide range of activities to be practiced either on their own or in the company of all the members of their family. Of all the services provided, its gastronomy deserves a special mention, as it is praised by all guests. Masterful cooking that succeeds in perfectly harmonizing the best gourmet cuisine and delicious and healthy dishes specially designed to make customers feel well from the moment they check in.

  • Incredible views of the lake

    Incredible views of the lake

  • A privileged location for kayaking

    A privileged location for kayaking

  • “Site of dreams”

    “Site of dreams”

  • Swimming in the lake with our guests

    Swimming in the lake with our guests

  • The organic orchard and the plantations of fine fruit

    The organic orchard and the plantations of fine fruit

Peuma Hue in the Winter

In the winter, this site is ideal to practice ski or snowboarding in the surroundings of Mount Catedral. Just 30 minutes away from the base, it is possible to enjoy all the options offered by Peuma Hue. Horseback rides in the snow, as well as rowing and motorboat tours on Lake Gutiérrez are highly popular immersed in a scene of snowy beaches and shores. Or else, visitors may also dare to practice snowshoeing along local trails. When the sun sets, the common facilities become the site for gatherings and exchange of anecdotes experienced during the day. The coziness of the estancia enables guests to appreciate the impressive surrounding scenery.

Relax Facilities

The estancia offers the chance to enjoy outdoor and mountain activities inside the venue. Two of its houses feature independent rooms with ensuite bathrooms and incredible views of the lake, whereas the other two cabins are available for couples or families: one lies by the creek and the other one on the hillsides of South Catedral, also overlooking the lake. The ample windows in most spaces guarantee spectacular views. The materials used in the construction are wood obtained from sustainable plantations and local stone. Almost the entire construction and decoration work were made in the carpentry inside the venue. Old recycled wood and ancient items acquired at several auctions were used to make the furniture. Thus, extremely cozy spaces were created. This perfect harmonization between rustic elegance and good taste lets all visitors feel at ease in a home where esthetics hold hand with coziness.

Time for Others to Speak

Sometimes guests and visitors themselves speak about the estancia: “In addition to a list of countless activities to enjoy, Peuma Hue offers other attractions specially designed for visitors: the stable and the pen, the room for multiple uses with incredible grand windows onto D´Agostini Peak and the lake, its carpentry works, the organic orchard and the plantations of fine fruit, flowers and the greenhouse.” “Being this an excursion designed by professionals in each subject, there are some details that contribute to the natural harmony of the estancia. Each hiking tour has the added value of offering “official guides” represented by two golden retrievers used to going out for a walk with the guests.” “It is inexplicable to see various horses -all animals run around freely and co-exist in harmony at Peuma Hue- and a border collie that guides and gathers them. She also escorts the horse rides with her beloved owner, the “horse whisperer” and guide of the estancia outings on horseback: Chris Barrett, well-known for her love for and connection with the animals.” “A special mention is owed to chef Manuela Luna and her team, who amaze visitors everyday with their exquisite dishes. All the food served at Peuma Hue is home made, healthy, balanced and gourmet. No detail escapes them. Accompanied by delicious Patagonian wine, its cuisine is a gift for the senses, a present for the body and the soul.” “The orchard is taken care of by the entire kitchen team in coordination with “small Buddha” Samuel Torres, responsible for having transformed this predated site into a garden of beauty and native wood features.”

Famous in Bariloche and the World

Highly popular among all hotels in Bariloche and top of the list provided by Trip Advisor, estancia Peuma Hue has been mentioned and awarded in several opportunities by the national and international press and has testimonies hard to reproduce. It goes beyond saying that this estancia has eight visitors' books that truly describe the infinite personal experiences and anecdotes recorded by the guests. But there is more. Willing to make a small difference, to give each guest what they are looking for and open new experiences, Yoga or Tai Chi lessons, massage, meditation, cooking lessons, retreats and workshops, corporate retreats, birthday celebrations or events during the day are some of the many offers visitors may enjoy at Peuma Hue. Peuma Hue hides a treasure for each of its guests. They just need to say the word.

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