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Its first settlers arrived at the site at the end of the 19th century. The images that surrounded the Nahuel Huapi Lake environment reminded them of the beauty of their native Switzerland, landscapes of cold mountain air that they had left to look for new horizons. The name of Colonia Suiza was born from those first images.

The charm of a historic town Despite being very close to the center of Bariloche, only 25 km away, it is interesting to know how this village conserves its village characteristics, and it is for this reason that many people want to visit it and they are captivated by this beautiful place. many migration stories, the Swiss settlers who had first passed through Chile brought their stories, customs, gastronomy, handicrafts and everything was taking on a new color. They adopted local customs, new ephemerides, other ingredients in the kitchen, even an Araucanian culinary practice. Eduardo Galeano says: «Neither when leaving, nor being, nor returning: they had never forgotten anything. And now they had two memories and they had two homelands. " Colonia Suiza was transformed into a historic town of Bariloche and the two homelands of its first inhabitants are combined in walks, architecture, typical houses that blend with the landscape and good cuisine that we can witness every day of the fair .

We can hear stories from pioneer families such as the Goyethe Beveraggi; visit a museum house with a traditional setting to discover utensils and tools of the time; go through other constructions bearing history; Try rich dishes curanto; Enjoy a day at the beach on Lake Moreno; walk the wooded trails; reach some mountain refuge, even camping and marvel at a few days of adventure. The tourist proposal of Colonia Suiza is made from a strong historical roots in which architectural circuits predominate, the decoration of houses, the pioneering air of everyday activities, the aromas of food. The tour gives many possibilities of enjoyment, but without doubt its regional fair concentrates the whole range of regional and artisanal products, gastronomic proposals and artistic activities. The curanto tradition, the Araucanian food prepared on hot stones, is celebrated only on Sundays and is a must-see in Colonia Suiza. To get to Colonia Suiza you can go with public transportyour own vehicle. Taking the detour of the classic Small Circuit, the Regional Handicraft Fair of Colonia Suiza is a walk that can be done on Wednesdays and Sundays throughout the year and in the summer season they are added on Fridays and Saturdays. A trip of Patagonian charms and flavors.

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