Skating rinks in Bariloche

Skating rinks are sites that offer an entertaining alternative for tourists and residents. Two proposals, one traditional and one with advanced technology.

The ice skating rinks in Bariloche enhance the possibilities of entertainment in the city, especially for very coldrainy days if you do not choose to visit the ski centera snow park. Although there are also those who return from the hill and choose to finish the afternoon skating until their nose is frozen.

  • Track One - Tables overlooking the track

    Track One - Tables overlooking the track

  • Track One - take a funny picture

    Track One - take a funny picture

  • Track One - Changer and access to the track

    Track One - Changer and access to the track

  • Pista Uno

    Pista Uno

  • Neviska - Changer

    Neviska - Changer

  • Neviska - Track

    Neviska - Track

  • Neviska - Room overlooking the track and tables

    Neviska - Room overlooking the track and tables

Two proposals in Bariloche

*Neviska is temporarily closed

With an enviable view of Lake Nahuel Huapi, *Neviska is located in Puerto San Carlos and has been in the city for more than 20 years. The first falls on the track are almost inevitable, but you can quickly take your hand to the skates to enjoy a beautiful day of ice skating overlooking the lake. It has an attached confectionery to taste some restorative food after the activity.

Pista Uno is a newer proposal on Miter Street, which applies modern technology to tune up its 500 m2 ice rink. Its installation is planned to house a large audience with an applied technique that can keep the tracks in optimal conditions. This venture is suitable for skateboard presentations and ice hockey meetings. The entrance ticket includes skates, helmet and gloves. Both tracks open every day on a wide schedule until late at night and have skating lessons.

They also offer promotionsdiscounts to residents because they understand that they are the first to enjoy spaces in the city designed to entertain. Families with children do not hesitate to take advantage of holiday promotions and enjoy an afternoon of skating, learn with them, treasure the experience and end with a delicious snack, ready to return hometo the hotel to rest.

Adults who remember the explosion of the ice rinks in Argentina in the 80s can resume that taste for the gentle gliding, now with their children. Ice skating options are gaining ground not only in Bariloche, but throughout the country. For the boys it is extremely entertaining and in a few minutes they are already skating. The greats re-savor the pleasure of some other moment in their lives. The novelty and the retro, an ideal conjunction for adults and children.

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