The Beer Route in Bariloche

Ideal to drink beer, Bariloche has its own beer route, in which scenes harmonically co-exist with a tradition brought along by immigrants who made the city grow.

Bariloche already has its own beer route which consecrates this foamy beverage as one of its great culinary attractions. The Nahuel Huapi watches over the pubs and breweries that renovate the ritual of men who find the peace and freshness they need in a frozen mug (no matter what time it is). It is at this moment when time stops.

A street, whose name “Juramento” was changed into “Pasaje Peatonal de la Cultura de Montaña”, today is one of the places chosen by different generations to keep the myth (and work) of this drink alive.

Lowther, Downtown Classic

This brewery is located in the very center of the City of Bariloche (at 1348, O´Connor Street) and it is one of the emblematic sites for fans of craft beer. A brewpub that lies beneath the furniture of a historical cabin. Among its innovations, we may find pale, dark, Scottish and fruit beer, which may be accompanied with trays of assorted regional ham and cheese varieties

  • Cerveceria Blest

    Cerveceria Blest

  • Artesanos cerveceros en Colonia Suiza

    Artesanos cerveceros en Colonia Suiza

  • Cerveceria Konna

    Cerveceria Konna

  • Cerveceria Lowther

    Cerveceria Lowther

  • Cerveza artesanal

    Cerveza artesanal

  • Cerveceria Berlina

    Cerveceria Berlina

  • Cerveza Berlina

    Cerveza Berlina

Those who have visited this place know the true match of these beers is chucrut, prepared in the venue. Typical of Germany and Bariloche, it has already become a classic in this beautiful city.

Berlina, The Muse of Beers

Run by the Ferrari brothers for years, this brewery is a must visit when it comes to the properties of beers in Bariloche. Lying on famous Bustillo Avenue (at the 11th kilometer marker), the beer prepared at this venue is one of the best in Bariloche, along with its traditional trays of assorted regional products. One of the great protagonists is stout beer (quite dark), highly praised by the most demanding beer sommeliers. Other two varieties also enjoy this privilege: Munich and India, which, along with the above-mentioned beer, share this perfect trilogy.
Special mention is deserved by the picadas served at the venue. Fantastic, unique and never-ending, they teach customers about the flavors of this amazing Patagonian region.

Blest, the First Brewpub in Argentina

Experts say that the first beer pub in Argentina was Blest. Located on Bustillo Avenue (at the 11th kilometer marker), it is considered by many as “the place” to have beer.
It started about 15 years ago. Its access displays an old truck loaded with barrels so as to make clear that beer supply is guaranteed inside to all visitors no matter what time they choose to pay a visit.
Five types of beer co-exist at this venue: pilsen, bock, scotch ale, cream stout and a raspberry variety.
Beautiful perfect music scores ornament the extraordinary dishes, among which pork, trout, smoked cold cuts and, of course, a memorable repertoire of cheese for the most rigorous customers stand out.

El Establo, Family Pride

Speaking about El Establo is going back to a wooden grand house from the 1930s which still stands in perfect condition and enjoys the privilege of housing various unforgettable beers.
Located at the 24th kilometer marker on the famous Circuito Chico (Route 77, 24th kilometer marker, Circuito Chico – Colonia Suiza), it is well-known for its picadas, fondues, cakes, strudels, and obviously, its beers. This place is one meeting point for beer enthusiasts in Bariloche.
The Gilbert Family own the place and have brewed beer for several generations. They make majestic samples of pale, dark and red varieties, accompanied by excellent regional picadas and dishes.
Here, the beauty of creation is watched by beautiful Lake Moreno. An unforgettable place to enjoy a mug of beer.

Konna, the Brewery on Juramento Street

Both during the day and at night, walking along Juramento Street is a temptation. And so is drinking some beer at Konna, an incredible site to satisfy the pleasures of the gods.
Konna was created by Ángel Perticará, who gave life to a brewery that offers several varieties among which porter, Indian or kölsch stand out. This venue is located at 73, Juramento Street.
A beer temple that will surely write its own history in the City of Bariloche and in the “little street” where the magical drink is accompanied by traditional picadas, trays of assorted products, tapas and an endless array of smoked products and cheese varieties. What is more, assistance is impeccable.

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