Party of the Collectivities in Bariloche

With a lot of color, aroma and flavor, the Festival of Communities is celebrated every year to strengthen bonds of friendship between the communities. A favorite of Bariloche.

The Festival of Collectivities in Bariloche has its origin in the winter of 1978 when communities of Italians, Spaniards, Swiss, Germans, Slovenians and Danes gathered in small stalls on Miter Street to offer their typical meals and propose games with the snow. That first deployment was made within the framework of the Snow Festival.

  • Aerial view

    Aerial view

  • Property with tables

    Property with tables

  • Tribute to the European-Argentine communities

    Tribute to the European-Argentine communities

  • Stands with typical meals

    Stands with typical meals

  • Stage with dances and shows

    Stage with dances and shows

  • The already famous logging contest

    The already famous logging contest

An annual meeting that strengthens ties

Like all local parties, it started shyly to take another push the following year. Immigrants are great connoisseurs of uprooting in search of new horizons and shared efforts. In their bags they only carry a cultural baggage that they want to share with other members, other communities, with the community that provides shelter. This is how the festival was born in Bariloche, as a tribute and thanks to the land that received them. The festivities of the collectives try to preserve the link with the past and with the reinterpretations of immigration. The transmission of customs and traditions to the new generations becomes a common goal in pursuit of collective memory. Each new party reaffirms the spirit and pioneering values ​​that allowed Bariloche to give part of its physiognomy. Perhaps the common factor among regional festivals is to keep alive the roots of a town, in this case, of the immigrants who came to populate Bariloche. The new generations are taking the post to remember the immigrant pioneers who arrived in lands of promises and try to keep alive those cultural roots transmitted as oral stories. The Collective Festival is celebrated every November in Bariloche. Typical meals, homemade pastries, dances and artistic demonstrations, crafts, kermes for children, special guests are the proposals to gather families in an annual meeting that becomes a favorite among residents and visitors. It is also a reunion of the Barilochens families in a framework of celebration and joy. For a few years, the Festival of Collectivities in Bariloche has been held on a Danish Club property in Dina Huapi and people enjoy gastronomy and artistic and colorful activities, strengthening ties of friendship and paying homage to the pioneers.

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