Why is it convenient to rent a car in Bariloche?

Bariloche is a city with great proposals and the best way to enjoy it is renting a car. I discovered Bariloche by road, a journey without troubles.

Some say that the best way to get to know a new destination is by car. Bariloche by car is an open window to Patagonia and Nahuel Huapi National Park. The ideal way to start your trip is by renting a car waiting for you at the Bariloche airportat the bus station, and from there you can leave for your vacation. Discover Bariloche with Correntoso Rent a Car.

The city

The community of San Carlos de Bariloche stands on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi, at the foot of the Andes Mountains. In history, its territorial integration has two main sources. On the one hand, the Argentine-Chilean conjugation as a border town and, on the other hand, as a protected area with the creation of the National Park that was created on the lands donated by Francisco Moreno. The Civic Center and its architecture are the starting point to learn about the history of the city and get one of the most popular postcards.

The snow season in Bariloche

Undoubtedly, the winter season in Cerro Catedral invites snow and ski lovers. A drive to Catedral is a wonderful visual tour that extends with every bend in the road. In the middle of winter and snowy season it is advisable to make the trip during the day. You may be an expert skieryou may discover this sport as an adult. Anyway, Cerro Catedral is an incredible place and it is worth visiting it at least once during your stay in Bariloche. Correntoso Rent a Car provides snow tires to improve the adherence to the ground and to take extreme care when driving on mountain roads. When weather conditions are adverse during the winter season, the use of chains is mandatory and the agency also offers them free of charge, along with instructions on how to put them on. These are the solutions with good grip to intense frost and daily winter snowfalls. On the other hand, for skiers, Correntoso Rent a Car provides other additional items free of charge: ski racks.

Must-see car rides

In summer, the possibilities of enjoyment expand and, even more so, if you opted for renting a car in Bariloche. A rental car is a substantial saving for large familiesgroups of friends who want to take advantage of several rides and excursions. It is the beaches, the mild climate, the route in summer and the adventure tourism activities that enchant visitors. Among the advantages of renting a car, you can choose to take longer rides, without time restrictionspublic transport, making as many stops as you to enjoy a trip without haste and every panoramic view of the way.

Here are the must-sees in Bariloche by car:

Small Circuit

It is the classic walk to fall in love with Bariloche. The landscapes follow one another along the waterfront of Lake Nahuel Huapi, to Puerto Pañuelo, passing through Villa Tacul, Bahía López, Punto Panorámico, Laguna El Trébol, and back to the city. A lunch in Colonia Suizaa visit to Cerro Campanario are the corollary of this unique tour that allows a beautiful connection with nature.

El Bolsón

The surroundings of El Bolsón are an attraction for those looking to explore alternative tourism. The Artisans' Fair is one of the most important in South America. Woodwork, weaving and regional products are the special ones to take home. A few kilometers further south, Lago Puelo invites you to look out over the province of Chubut and enjoy agritourism. Pampa Linda and Cerro Tronador. This destination is one of the enclaves of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. The meeting point is Pampa Linda in the upper valley of the Manso River, a place with small grocery stores and places to camp. The massif bathed by seven glaciers owes its name to the rumblings caused by the fall of the ice blocks.

Route of the 7 Lakes

Between Villa La Angostura and San Martín de los Andes, this is one of the favorite car rides. Of extreme beauty, the lakes and their surroundings follow one another without giving a break. Leave very early, prepare some mate and some healthy snacks for the journey, and the experience is guaranteed. It is advisable to avoid driving at night and to be attentive to the tips for driving on mountain roads.

Crossing into Chile by car

Another advantage of renting a car in Bariloche is the convenience of crossing into Chile. The Cardenal Antonio Samoré border crossing is one of the main crossings of the mountain range and remains passable all year round. It is an opportunity to take a drive along the roads of the neighboring country. The route from Bariloche to Puerto Montt is one of the most popular, passing through Osorno, Frutillar and Puerto Varas. If you have time to spare, the Island of Chiloé is a trip to a land of myths and legends.

With a back of volcanoes and millenary araucarias, the Mamuil Malal border crossing, near Junín de los Andes, invites you to visit Pucón, its national parks, hot springs and the Villarrica volcano as a witness. Pucón is a lake resort town, an ideal destination for the summer season. The return to Bariloche can be done through Valdivia and tour one of the oldest cities in Chile, with museums, markets, fairs and old castles that dot the landscape.

For any of these trips to Chile it is necessary to ask Correntoso Rent a Car for permission to cross the border with your rental car. It is a simple and free of charge procedure. You only have to ask for it and a consultant will take care of it. On the other hand, it is not necessary to have an international driver's license, since the insurance has the same coverage as in Argentina.

Renting a car expands your lodging options and you can choose innscabins farther away from downtown, even in the middle of silent and centenary forests. At any time of the year, Bariloche is a destination to marvel at the landscapes of Patagonia. Do not hesitate, Bariloche is waiting for you!

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