La Cueva, a Unique Place in Bariloche

We visited La Cueva in Bariloche, an experience second to none may be enjoyed in three different ways. ATV and snowmobile rides, adventures in the middle of Patagonian natural scenes and a fantastic gastronomic offer inside a cave in the forest of Mount Catedral.

It is essential to reinvent ourselves in order to remain and keep being word of mouth when everything that could be said seems to have already been said. This is also valid for San Carlos de Bariloche, a classic in Argentinian Patagonia. La Cueva, so-called by its owners and whose name stands for "cave" in Spanish, is one of the sites that is currently word of mouth, both among the locals and visitors to the city who come along to see the attractions Bariloche has to offer. Its slogan: “La Cueva, food and nature experience". These are the two pillars upon which this novel undertaking grows. It offers several options for visitors to enjoy the mountain any time of the day.

  • The middle of Patagonian natural scenes

    The middle of Patagonian natural scenes

  • An experience second to none

    An experience second to none

  • Regional cuisine

    Regional cuisine

  • Across snowy lenga woods

    Across snowy lenga woods

  • A different Mount Catedral

    A different Mount Catedral

  • Go on a night ATV and snowmobile

    Go on a night ATV and snowmobile

  • The mountain any time of the day.

    The mountain any time of the day.

Day tours provide the chance to be part of a guided expedition around Mount Catedral on board ATVs and snowmobiles. These excursions go across snowy lenga woods and creeks (some of them frozen) up to a height of 1,400 meters MSL. Beautiful panoramic views of the surroundings are caught during the tour. This is a wonderful way to get to see a different Mount Catedral and it also adds the possibility to have a rest and share some tea with friends in a place like no other. As the sun sets and the night falls, other chances to come close to the mountain arise. The idea is also to go on a night ATV and snowmobile ride while enjoying the silences and the noises of the night, and the darkness of the forest. After the ride, there is only one aim: to reach the natural feature after which this whole venue has been named. Properly conditioned and decorated, this big cave offers one of the best samples of regional cuisine in San Carlos de Bariloche, within which smoked products, cheese, mushrooms, trout, lamb, berries and chocolate prevail. A magnificent opportunity within a matchless environment, like the ones seen only in good films.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo La Cueva Catedral

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La Cueva Catedral

Base Cerro Catedral, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 294-4460478 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 294-4335225

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