From Bariloche to Puerto Varas

Available once again, this excursion has become a classic. Today, the two emblem cities of Argentinian-Chilean Patagonia may be joined again: San Carlos de Bariloche and Puerto Varas.

After being cancelled for a long time, one of the most extraordinary tours in Southern Argentina is now available. It joins the Cities of San Carlos de Bariloche and Puerto Varas across the Andes on a catamaran. The beauty of the tour itinerary is second to none. Both cities are joined through five land and three lake destinations. It is an ideal way of getting to know both countries. It is a day-trip but there is also the chance to spend the night in Chile, at the coquettish City of Peulla, where visitors may enjoy all the adventure activities available. What captivates foreign tourists is that in a matter of hours visitors may get a general idea of both Patagonian countries, which of course includes tasting cuisine specialties.

  • The beauty of the tour itinerary is second to none

    The beauty of the tour itinerary is second to none

  • Monte Tronador

    Monte Tronador

  • An unmissable excursion

    An unmissable excursion

  • Petrohué, Chile

    Petrohué, Chile

  • Patagonian landscape

    Patagonian landscape

  • Osorno volcano

    Osorno volcano

  • Puerto Varas

    Puerto Varas

The travel agency in charge of this adventure today is Cruce Andino and they have made this tour famous worldwide. The tour leaves from San Carlos de Bariloche at 7 o’clock in the morning. The adventurers get together at Puerto Pañuelo (Argentina), feeling eager to get on board the catamaran that will sail across Lake Nahuel Huapi up to Puerto Blest. Once they reach Puerto Blest, the group lands and is driven by bus to Puerto Alegre, where they will embark again in order to sail beautiful Lake Frías up to their next destination. At this spot, they must get off the boat to carry out all the migratory proceedings at the Chilean Customs Office. Back on the bus, a two-hour journey across the Chilean geography will lead them to Peulla, a small district in Chile where they may choose to stay overnight. When they reach Peulla, Lake Todos los Santos (Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park) is the ideal spot to have lunch and make a stop to enjoy and comment on what they have experienced so far. After digesting their meal, the group gets on a catamaran again to sail this wonderful water body, from which the magnificent presence of the Osorno Volcano and its always snow-capped top may be observed. The meltdown lakes and rivers, the trout and salmon that escort the boats and the constant joy on the faces of visitors make this tour a tourist attraction at these two must-visit cities in Patagonia.

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Contact of the excursion or tour


Mitre 219, San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 294-4426109

Tour KindTour Kind: lake excursion
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: low
DurationDuration: 2 hours
Recommendations The boats leave from the port of Bariloche or from Puerto Pañuelo, which is reached along National Route 237, to the west. After this tour, make the lake crossing to Chile.
ONLY boats depart from Puerto Pañuelo, which is 25 km from downtown Bariloche, along Av. Bustillo.

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