Snow Dresses up to the Occasion

Both locals and tourists take part in this amusing and thrilling celebration with the yearning to enjoy snow at the mountain until spring comes.

A few days before each snow season, Mount Catedral hosts celebrations in San Carlos de Bariloche. For several days, both residents and visitors renovate the sport spirit of ski. The most significant moments take place at the ski center and also in the streets of town, especially at the emblematic Civic Center. Our visit to this southern destination coincided with this festival and we spread our our best vibes to join the preparations. As we walked down Mitre Street, one of the main in the city, we witnessed the waiters and waitresses race. They were hurrying down winding Rolando Street carrying bottles and glasses on their trays. In spite of there being winners, it is not considered a competition but a display of skills. "The way down was very hard, because of the wind", said one of the waiters as he reached the main square. The following day, we went to the ski resort, which welcomed us with a snowfall. The attendants were all wearing ski suits, attractive hats and a good mood. The atmosphere was joyful and the scene was picturesque. The stands offered information about services, promotions and news about apparel and skis or snowboards. Every year, experts find out about new materials, safety and fashionable colors, designs and patterns.

  • Mount Catedral hosts celebrations

    Mount Catedral hosts celebrations

  • The election of the queen

    The election of the queen

  • There were fireworks

    There were fireworks

  • The skiers were carrying lit torches

    The skiers were carrying lit torches

At sunset, the downhill torch parade represented a wonderful show featuring coordination and seduction. The skiers were carrying lit torches and moving down the trails slowly towards the base, where they deposited the fire in a big bonfire that heated up the cold winter night. Music shows were always present, both at the ski resort and the town. New artists and famed bands got on the stage. Tango, rock, folklore and dancing cheered up the different intermissions. The election of the queen took place on Saturday night at the Civic Center. The beautiful winner toured around town on a float filled with allegorical figures the following day. The lumberjack contest was another attraction, long awaited by those who show off at cutting a thick log in two in a matter of minutes. Participants of all ages are already well-known by the locals and have their own fans that support them year after year. "Strength or skill?" was the question. "Skill, of course, and an axe in good condition", said one famous participant. In spite of the typically changing Patagonian weather (sunshine, hesitating clouds and strong gusts of wind at times), everyone joined in the celebrations. There were fireworks and the Snow Festival program successfully became adapted to the weather conditions without any interruptions.

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