Hike to the Habsburg Stone

The panoramic point of Stone of Habsburg offers one of the best views of Bariloche and its surroundings. It is a rocky promontory located on the west-south slope of Otto Hill.

The trail is well demarcated, wide and without much difficulty. The origin of its name is unknown but many link it to immigrants from Austria. A contemplative walk The distance is short and the walk very simple, ideal for families with children and people looking for a quiet and clear walk. Depending on the season, the colors of nature stain the environment and each stretch can envelop us in its dream magic. If you choose autumn, the best time to do this walk, the forests of lengas impregnate the landscape with its ochre and reddish colors to give the autumnal tone so characteristic of the Andean-Patagonian forests. Even a walk in late autumn can give us a pleasant surprise of some white and cottony flakes over the forest, which shows the charming touch of Bariloche. If you opt for spring and summer, the amancay flowers dot the lush green of the forest in yellow.

  • Habsburgo Stone view

    Habsburgo Stone view

  • Andean-Patagonian forests

    Andean-Patagonian forests

  • Habsburgo Stone view

    Habsburgo Stone view

  • Habsburgo Stone view

    Habsburgo Stone view

  • The trail is full of life

    The trail is full of life

  • A Magellanic Woodpecker in Andean forest

    A Magellanic Woodpecker in Andean forest

  • The path to the Habsburg Stone

    The path to the Habsburg Stone

The Habourg Stone Viewpoint has an appropriate infrastructure with railings and a metal staircase. The view is wonderful, one of the best panoramic views of Bariloche, with Lake Gutiérrez, the Cerro Catedral, the Ventana hill, the semi-esteparias plains and Arelauquen, the most exclusive neighborhood. There are several ways to access it. Since the confectionery of the Cerro Otto Cable Car are not more than two kilometers. Up there you can get there in the "red apples"by private car taking the path that starts at km 1 of Avenida De los Pioneros;the most intrepid can venture down a more difficult, somewhat steep dive, which starts under the towers of the Cable Car, at the 4,700 km of the same avenue. The path to Stone of Habsburg is a contemplative walk, ideal for visitors, but also for the residents of the city who want a moment of encounter with nature and an escape from the daily routine. It is important to bring water to hydrate, since no stream of fresh water crosses the area. If luck accompanies, you may be able to observe the majesty of a condor´s flight and marvel at this gift from Patagonia. A walk to repeat.

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