The Mapuches in Caviahue

Autor Pablo Etchevers

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Caviahue Tours

, Caviahue, Neuquén, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 11-43431932

Tour KindTour Kind: Contemplative
Recommendations Today, besides “Patagonia”, “Mapuche” is one of the best googled words by travelers who choose to visit these latitudes. A beautiful word meaning “the people of the land” which sometimes is not praised by those of us who have the honor to share our territory with men and women who take what nature gives them without causing any kind of damage. They interpret it wisely and manage to pass on this knowledge. We must learn from them.

Caviahue Tours provides visitors the chance to enjoy a goat prepared by the Mapuche communities, an ideal event to incorporate the concept of “integration”. An example to be followed by other operators in the area.

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