Religious Faith at Ferri

The white façade of Saint Rita's Church is an invitation to enter this space for peace where the faithful come to worship.

Pilgrimages and celebrations in honor of this saint are followed by many faithful believers up to the District of Ferri.

Ferri, in the suburbs of the City of Cipolletti, is a small community founded over 100 years and sheltering a small church devoted to the patron saint of town: Saint Rita of Cascia. The image of the so-called "Saint of the impossible" is sitting on a throne inside the temple. We were at this place during the annual pilgrimage on the day of the Virgin and accompanied the faithful on their long walk to the church, which was too small to lodge the great number of people that were paying tribute to the saint. Many of them were telling the stories of miracles attributed to Rita. The sanctuary features much simplicity and was built by request of Mr. and Mrs. Lamolla in 1973. Its ascetic style is the result of the kind of life and devotion the saint used to have and her followers wish to maintain in order to preserve religious fervor. Some people come along to beg for help; others to thank the favors they have been granted. The miracles performed on impossible causes certainly strengthen faith among believers. Her image was carried along the streets while chants and soft prayers were heard as the deepest respect was paid. We left the small church behind feeling renovated and in the knowledge that we had just witnessed a clear sample of Christian convictions within a small community in Río Negro.

Autor Mónica Pons

How to get hereHow to get here: Leave the City of Cipolletti towards Ferri along Mengelle Avenue heading for Cinco Saltos. The total distance to be traveled is 7 kilometers.
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