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Allen’s Municipal Museum

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Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro

Its history, along with the great deal of cultural activities held in it, is a must for visitors to tour inside the venue. An ideal site to visit in the city.

The historical memory and the cultural wheel of the city had to be in a place known by all almost by heart: the old railway station. The site to give life to a museum could not be another.
Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro
“There are places that just lie there, immune to the view of men. But just entering them makes us realize that inside, we can find ourselves, reflected in what is on display there: that is us”, with these words, a neighbor from the District of Allen started to tell me about the new museum.

Allen’s Municipal Museum was settled in the building where the “old railway station” of this city in Río Negro used to stand. It was inaugurated on May 24, 2006 and most neighbors from town and from nearby settlements attended this event.
Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro
The museum recreates the historical profile of the first colonists and immigrants who made the development of this community and the High Valley of Río Negro possible.

Besides offering the chance to observe what we mentioned above, there is a Museum Association in charge of organizing half-permanent and theme shows to make visits more dynamic.
Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro
Outfits, Photographs and More

Not long ago, the museum presented a show of ancient outfits including dresses and suits used for weddings, baptisms and first communions in the 1920s and 1930s, and other more contemporary samples, including the famous 1960s and 1970s.
Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro
This was a unique exhibition and it was presented in the local museum, located in the railway venue, next to the Amphitheater. In addition to old outfits, the photographs of the ceremonies in which those clothes were worn were displayed. Families from the District of Allen participated in the abovementioned special events.

This kind of shows and exhibitions will be a constant in this new and modernized museum, which has already been approved by countless denizens of the city and of nearby settlements, who came along willingly to take part in this project come true.
Allen’s Municipal Museum - Río Negro
Useful Data
To visit the museum, it is advisable to ask about visiting schedules at the venue, where visitors will also access the monthly cultural agenda. The idea is not to miss anything and to enjoy everything.
Museo Municipal de Allen
Vieja Estación del Ferrocarril (8324) Cipolletti - Río Negro - Argentina
Tel: +54 299 2941 45-3403  
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