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Where we are

Where we are
We are in Patagonia, the southern region of the Republic of Argentina and Chile, where man co-exists with the most bountiful and diverse nature one can imagine. Where everything is measured by immensity and beauty: from the large extensions of plains and forests to the challenging snow-capped mountains; from the fertile valleys to the wide sea shores; from the sequence of magnificent lakes to the impressive glaciers.
A superb framework for exploration, discovery and adventure, located in the southern hemisphere, in South America, between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
A unique place for the practice of thrilling sports. And small shires bordering lakes and roads. There, where geography, nature and culture mingle to generate a mystic environment, dwelt by myths and legends coming from its primitive communities.
An area to visit and get rich. To fill one's lungs with unpolluted air. To experiment a new way of making contact with nature and its environment. But everything depends on the intensity of your quest.
Patagonia proposes a different look. Start to discover it, from this portal.
Welcome to this magical region in the South of the world. Welcome to Patagonia.

Where we are

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