Horses and More at Mount Frías

At estancia Alice, visitors may enjoy a wide range of activities, from horseback riding and hiking to Tyrolean crossing and bicycle rides. In our case, we chose the horses.

Mount Frías is situated just 23 kilometers away from El Calafate, on the way to the Perito Moreno Glacier. The good thing about this place is that there is a wide range of activities for visitors to enjoy in the company of specialized guides. They include everything from 4WD excursions around the estancia to horseback rides, hikes or mountain biking. All of them are organized by Cerro Frías adventure travel agency. We chose to go horseback riding together with another ten people who were quite inexperienced riders. Therefore, the choice of each horse and rider was a special moment for the organizers. They assigned an animal to each of us while they told us their names, their likes and dislikes. Little by little, as we started riding, the worried looks on our faces turned into joy.

  • Divisando el Lago Roca

    Divisando el Lago Roca

  • Preparando los caballos

    Preparando los caballos

  • Subiendo el cerro Frias

    Subiendo el cerro Frias

  • Siguiendo la senda

    Siguiendo la senda

  • Hotel Eolo

    Hotel Eolo

  • Al fondo, las Torres del Paine

    Al fondo, las Torres del Paine

  • De vuelta en el puesto

    De vuelta en el puesto

The ride led us up to a panoramic view of Torres del Paine, Mount Fitz Roy, the northern and southern arm of Lake Argentino, the Devil’s Mouth and all the local wildlife in the area. One of the advantages of Cerro Frías is that after two and a half hours, approximately, all the tours converge at the barbecue area located at the base of the hill where visitors are delighted by a delicious asado with grilled vegetables, all of which is cooked in masonry ovens. An ideal moment to get together and share anecdotes of our adventure. A perfect excuse to make plans and meet again at some of the excellent proposals Cerro Frías offers to each member of the family.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González

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