El Calafate Already Has Its First Electric Bikes

Man does not live on glaciers alone. Today, El Calafate offers the chance to enjoy the new technology allowed by electric bicycles and go for an unusual ride.

“Let’s go!”, said John before the group set out on one of the many city tours that have become more enjoyable when riding these bikes. Our group was made up by five tourists from around the world. It was evident that we shared the same passion for cycling and these original bikes let us indulge ourselves at one of the most delightful sites on the planet: El Calafate. Electric bikes let riders cover largre distances with a smaller effort in an active, amusing and ecological way. This makes them an ideal means of transport to be enjoyed by all ages. Known as “e-bikes”, they have gained followers not only at tourist destinations but also in the big cities and capitals of the world. They are eco-friendly (there is no gas emission and batteries are rechargeable and recyclable). Their small electric engines are silent and the battery has an autonomy of 40 kilometers. Seventy-year-old María -native from Colombia- could not believe she was riding a bike again, just like she used to years ago. “I will buy one the moment I return to Buenos Aires”, she assured.

  • Long distances with less effort

    Long distances with less effort

  • Pedal with your family and friends

    Pedal with your family and friends

  • The ideal transport to enjoy at any age

    The ideal transport to enjoy at any age

  • I lived your own adventure

    I lived your own adventure

We saw the typical sights and attractions in the town and then moved onto viewpoints, lakes, squares, museums and historical sites. We recorded all this in our travel log. Once the ride starts, the viewpoints on both sides of the city are the favorite attraction for most visitors. The vastness of these beautiful geographical features may be admired from these points. The large blue lake, the ponds and depressions, the restless mountains and the beauty of this tourist destination where more and more constructions are being raised make up the scene. “Wonderful”, concluded John. No sooner had he handed in the fascinating vehicle than he asked if he could rent it again another day to go in search of the legendary Perito Moreno Glacier...

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E-Bike Calafate (Bicicletas eléctrica)

Av. Libertador 932, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 2902-492276 Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 11-61444528

Recommendations The bike rent rate includes a helmet (it is compulsory), a lock and an optional baby seat (for up to 15 kilos).

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