A Journey back in Time at the Walichu Caves

Close to the City of El Calafate, the historical Walichu Caves hide unique secrets. A site to visit and let ourselves get carried away.

Countless activities may be enjoyed in the City of El Calafate and its surroundings. However, there is no doubt that a visit to the Walichu Caves is a must in any traveler's tour list. That was our destination. We left the city and took Provincial Route 11. Once we saw the sign that pointed the access to the caves next to Lake Argentino, we turned into that path. We parked the car. As we entered the caves, we became immersed in a distant world that was already gone, though still present. We followed a path that was especially opened for visitors to discover the wonders men and nature left for us thousands of years ago.

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The art printed on the caves in red, ocher, yellow, black and white hues shows the conception of life the first nations had and the message they wished to leave for the generations to come. The techniques they used to create these paintings included dragging their fingers, finger pressure sometimes using hair tufts and blowing through a hollow guanaco bone. Besides the cave paintings that seduced us all, the natural scene is breathtaking, perfect for resting on the rocky shores and enjoying the southern air within a charming view. The tour ended when we went to a house that operates as a meeting point. Not only did we learn about the archeological and anthropological value of these caves, but we could also appreciate a wonderful view of the lake. Standing there, beholding the beauty of nature, we understood that men may also express themselves in a way worthy of admiration. Entering the Walichu Caves meant traveling back in time. The secrets lie there, awaiting us all.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Jorge González

Tour KindTour Kind: Archeology
Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: low
DurationDuration: 1 hour

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