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Before shopping at El Calafate, tourists should know there are many products that are not truly local. Here we suggest some sites to get authentic souvenirs from El Calafate.

Apart from the pictures of the glaciers, you can go back home with good souvenirs from El Calafate. But you should pay special attention because most products are not local. They come from different sites in Patagonia and the country. However, if you keep searching, you will find what you are looking for: good wool and knitted works, exquisite jams and true crafts made by El Calafate hands. Andino Patagónica knitted works combine craftsmanship warmth with rustic design, everything at a very good price. Parkas and ponchos made of pure sheep wool, handmade threads woven in a loom, dyed with natural processes based on yerba, beet or calafate, are ideal to keep yourself warm with good taste in the austral cold weather. If that is not your style, you can choose ruanas, cardigans and other garments made with industrially processed wool. For the children, natural color ponchitos with pastel flowery patterns or other kind of patterns are ideal. They will be warm and elegant.

  • True crafts made by El Calafate hands

    True crafts made by El Calafate hands

  • Handmade threads woven in a loom

    Handmade threads woven in a loom

  • A subtle ethnical touch to environments

    A subtle ethnical touch to environments

  • Authentic souvenirs from El Calafate

    Authentic souvenirs from El Calafate

Pueblo Indio offers something more than ornaments. Sheets of special stationary paper weighing 440 grams, worked in collage techniques mainly, express mapuche, tehuelche patterns and patterns from the Argentinian Northeast. The art workshop made up by ten children under the coordination and design of Rafael, has been working in El Calafate for three years. Bright colors and simplicity can give a subtle ethnical touch to environments, at a modest price. Authentic liquors and calafate and ruibarbo jams, characteristic plants which flavor is hard to match, carry the unmistakable seal of Tatela. We can also find small charms made in lenga, native wood sculptures, looms with tehuelche patterns, and all the objects that express the aborigine culture of austral Patagonia. And to conclude our journey in a sweet way, a good cup of hot chocolate. Just like in Ushuaia, in El Calafate, a shop of the Laguna Negra Fueguina factory, with chocolate, jams, liquors, home baked cakes and other delicious temptations is awaiting. Ideal to recover from a shopping afternoon.

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Andino Patagónica

Av. Libertador 1003 - Aldea de los Gnomos L. 9, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 2902-491574

Laguna Negra

Av. del Libertador 1250 L. 7-8, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Phone Phone: +54 2902-492423

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