Horse-riding with Santa Patagonia

A unique experience that lets us become true riders and enjoy dreamed-of scenes as if we were part of a western. A real jewel…

Estancia Santa Teresita lies 150 kilometers away from the City of El Calafate, heading for El Chaltén, on the shores of Lake Viedma. Nowadays, it is one of the few venues that continue working with sheep husbandry, which represents more than a special attraction for those who wish to learn more about daily rural tasks. Besides, the estancia boasts a privileged sight of Mounts Fitz Roy and Torre, and of the Viedma Glacier. Therefore, it is a perfect accommodation option and riding a horse around the area is an experience second to none. The idea about visiting this wonderful site was fascinating from the start. No sooner had we heard about this tour than we prepared some mate to calm down our anxiety. We were picked up at our hotel in Calafate after 7 in the morning. We knew that what was awaiting us was not something we did everyday.

  • A unique experience

    A unique experience

  • Part of a western

    Part of a western

  • Dream landscapes

    Dream landscapes

  • Along the sheep

    Along the sheep

  • Unforgettable memories

    Unforgettable memories

  • Sheep husbandry

    Sheep husbandry

  • True riders

    True riders

The road was imposing. The mountains cut out silhouettes framed by the beauty of the turquoise hues of Lake Viedma. Once at the estancia, we were welcomed with a typical countryside restaurant made up by toast, butter and jam produced in the venue, which succeeding in waking up those of us who were still feeling sleepy. The idea was to go on a two-hour horse-riding tour in the surroundings reaching the various ponds lying nearby. We would get to know the local geography and wildlife, including ducks, flamingoes, geese and other birds. As time passed, we found ourselves at estancia Santa Teresita at midday. We got off the horses and walked to the sheep-shearing shed, one of the largest and oldest in the area. There are other longer tours for ambitious travelers. These include a five-hour tour on horseback for which visitors are picked up at their hotels in Calafate at 7:30 in the morning. After breakfast, a two-and-a-half-hour tour on horseback begins towards the station known as La Península. With Mounts Fitz Roy and Torre and the Viedma Glacier in the background, the station is reached at lunchtime, when incredible lamb steaks a la criolla await the riders. The ride is resumed after lunch. There is also a program specially thought for those who do not wish to get off the horse. This ride takes two days and one night and, un the others, invites visitors to spend the night at a station known as La Comisaría. In this case, the ride takes around six hours on horseback along amazing trails. The views are priceless. Those who enjoy ridingfeel being on horseback for several days will find the tours at Santa Patagonia an ideal option that will make visitors feel comfortable and guarantee unforgettable memories from this extraordinary region in Argentina.

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