Estancia La Estela, a Magical Place

Nestled on the shores of Lake Viedma and in the mouth of La Leona River, this Patagonian estancia is one of the most beautiful in the region and it offers various activities that contribute tourism to the area.

On the shores of Lake Viedma, very close to the source of La Leona River and next to the historical rest area and countryside hotel called La Leona, there lies La Estela estancia shell and lodge, a witness to one of the most spectacular landscapes in Patagonia: Lake Viedma, the glacier bearing the same name and Mounts Fitz Roy and Torre. A tourist venue from all points of view, it can guarantee that guests will spend unforgettable moments while staying there. The most outstanding activities available include horseback rides that start at the estancia’s stables. Riding docile horses, visitors many enjoy a memorable tour along the shores of Lake Viedma and be delighted by a tasty homemade picnic in front of the impressive natural views. Angling is also tempting for visitors all along La Leona River and the coastline of Lake Viedma, where specimens of rainbow and salmon trout, as well as perch, may be caught. Equipped with rafts of different sizes (canoes for two people or rafts for eight), this tour leaves from the very shell of the estancia and floats downriver, getting past the old rural school. La Leona is reached 50 minutes later.

  • Entrando a La Estela

    Entrando a La Estela

  • Vista del establecimiento

    Vista del establecimiento

  • A orillas del lago Viedma

    A orillas del lago Viedma

  • Lujo y confort en todos los ambientes

    Lujo y confort en todos los ambientes

  • El Parque

    El Parque

  • Comedor y bar

    Comedor y bar

  • Juegos y Ocio

    Juegos y Ocio

Once there, after landing, we were delighted by a delicious snack with exquisite homemade cakes and hot chocolate. Afterwards, we retraced our steps to estancia La Estela. A unique experience in the area. At La Estela’s firing range, visitors may also practice two disciplines: archery and crossbow, as all the equipment is available for guests to test their aiming skills. The great diversity of sceneries and trails has made mountain biking a very popular sport at estancia La Estela. The almost three thousand hectares of the venue offer all kinds of terrains to practice this thrilling activity. Through circuits specially designed amidst hills, sand banks and the coastline of La Leona River, a portion of the local wildlife may be appreciated while beholding unique scenes. Besides, the outskirts of the estancia feature all kind of ideal sites to experience nature and its manifestations. For such reason, lovers of photography find in this area a real paradise at first sight. But in addition to these activities, staying at the estancia facilities is an attraction itself. The estancia, which lies only 3 kilometers away from La Leona rest area, offers various exclusive accommodation options. The guest house has rooms decorated in the most sophisticated country style. Likewise, it offers access to the matera, nestled on La Leona River and specially designed to serve hearty homemade breakfast and entertain guests with unforgettable asados of Patagonian lamb both at noon and in the evening. The recently inaugurated room for multiple is just right to relax by the fireplace after dinner, play pool and taste a drink. It is equipped with comfortable armchairs, a complete library, a games room, a winery and a delicious decoration in the best Patagonian style. As well, there is a telescope that invites guests to appreciate the faces of the moon at night.

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La Estela

Ruta 40 y Paso del Río La Leona, El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina

Cell Phone Cell Phone: +54 2966-271695

Recommendations There is also the chance to spend one day at the estancia without staying overnight. The idea is to travel from La Leona rest area to the estancia, where travelers are welcomed with breakfast before they start practicing a series of activities specially thought for that day. They include a rafting adventure down La Leona River up to the rest area, where lunch is served. Then visitors go back to the estancia to start a horseback ride alongside La Leona River and Lake Viedma’s shore. Afterwards, a meeting is held at the matera to put up a brief fishing outing or an archery contest at the firing range. Later on, everyone returns to La Leona rest area once again, where tea is served and the tour comes to an end.

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