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Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier

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Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén

Ideal while visiting Lago del Desierto (Lake of the Desert), the Huemul Glacier is an attraction itself. With a unique woodland area, this undoubtedly is one of the most amazing sites to enjoy hiking.

The huemul is a small endangered deer that is almost impossible to be spotted due to its speed, cunningness and size. One of the most delightful glaciers lying close to El Chaltén has been named after it. The road to this spot implies a wonderful hiking tour.
Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén
As the access trail is inside private property, a symbolic ticket is paid in order to maintain the minimal services available in the area to cross this gate into an amazing adventure.

At first, the trail seems easy and fast, as the land is plain enough for hikers to get along quickly and constantly. But as we started to border creeks and cross a couple of bridges, the path suddenly adopts different characteristics: it becomes dark at times and slopes upwards. Therefore, we started to climb.
Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén
Thus, we went up to the Huemul Glacier, reached after a hard one-hour hike.

“Unlike anything known”, was what we had been told at the hotel after we said we were going on this tour. And they were right. The trail crosses a forest that becomes strange at times and is reminiscent of the movie “The Lord of the Rings”.
Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén
It is necessary to climb up in order to reach this coveted site. The winding trail among the trees is easier with the help of a pole or stick, an essential element to go up free of any danger.

The Huemul Glacier is beautiful not only because of its ice or snow, present as well in the surrounding mountains, but also because it is enclosed by a real postcard.
Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén
One slope, which seemed to be the last one, made us feel we were about to get there and only one last effort was required. On the other side, our prize was awaiting: the great lake of emerald glacier waters. A mirror on windless days, the snow-capped mountains are reflected upon its quiet waters.
Hiking towards the Huemul Glacier - El Chaltén
Joy and quietness invaded us and made us forget about the tiredness we had felt on the last stretch.

Panoramic views, photographs and even a video managed to portray our experience. However, standing there was the best way to grasp the vastness and wonder of the Huemul Glacier.

After several minutes, we started our way back and resumed the trail that had led us there. Many people have perceived this as an enchanted forest, but it is by walking through it that one comes to believe it or not.

The truth is that, undoubtedly, the trail to the Huemul Glacier has a different kind of magic. And of course it is worth a visit.
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