Photo outings in Esquel

Esquel is nestled in a valley that gives with its colors and wildlife. Photo safaris are ideal for interpreting your surroundings.

In the Region of Los Alerces, Esquel is a perfect destination to share and enjoy nature. The valley, the hills and the water mirrors provide a wide range to walk, paddle, ride and recognize the road. Within ecotourism, a photographic safari captures the images in situ. Perceptions and experience are linked to those expressions of the natural environment that are incorporated into memory.

Phototravesías and connection with nature
Esquel lends itself to planning a safari of a day or two, observing the flora and fauna, recognizing the species, while walking under the treetops, a stream is bordered or wandered through grass sprigs.

The walks take different routes, some difficult to access and therefore more virgin and charming, such as the protected area of ​​Lake Baguilt, at the foot of the Conical hill. The dense forest of lengas protects a fascinating route for the lenses, where the path reaches a hanging glacier that spills over the lake.

  • Canyon


  • Lunch at Piedra Parada

    Lunch at Piedra Parada

  • Gavilea araucana

    Gavilea araucana

  • Mushrooms of the autumn forest

    Mushrooms of the autumn forest

  • Ruby Picaflor

    Ruby Picaflor

  • Los Alerces National Park

    Los Alerces National Park

  • Los Alerces National Park

    Los Alerces National Park

The landscape with which the steppe is best perceived is Piedra Parada, whose geological forms were part of a volcano millions of years ago. The walls of this volcanic witness are highly sought after by climbing enthusiasts. The Cañadón de la Buitrera is a habitat for many birds. There you can observe the transition between the steppe and the mountain, ideal for landscape photographs.

Los Alerces National Park is one of the most beautiful exits. The walk begins with the ecotone that characterizes a strip of Esquel, where the steppe blends with the Andean forest. Within the national park, the lakes of intense colors and the beaches call to relax and enjoy the environment without equal. The photographic walk reaches hidden waterfalls and ancient larches.

Bird watching is one of the most frequent and widespread activities in Esquel. In the photographic safaris the species that inhabit the shrub steppe, the lagoons and the Andean forests can be observed. In this confluence of ecoregions, longer departures are helpful for photographing and identifying local birds and flora.

Other goals to show off photographer´s skills, after a time of exploration, are native orchids and autumn mushrooms. These walks are more limited by the reduced time in which they display all their beauty.

The walks are combined with low difficulty walks, so the phototraves require being able to travel trails.

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Tour KindTour Kind: Photo safari - Round-trip 4x4 vehicle transfers. - Guide and advice of nature photography throughout the day. - Species recognition - Lunch and snack. - Insurance policy.

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Medium

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