Esquel Esquel - Photo: Jorge González
If every space on earth offers a place to discover, Esquel is a living example of the conjunction between surprise and unlimited enjoyment.
Every trail you travel through, every place you investigate will give you the opportunity to discover new beauties and gather experiences to nourish your life.
If you are fond of sports, you can do different things, from pleasant walks to risky climbing or gently sliding on ski trails.
Esquel is the capital of Los Alerces National Park in the province of Chubut, located at 42º55´ south and 71º21´ west, at 540 m. above sea level.
The city is on the bank of Arroyo Esquel and near mounts La Zeta, 21, La Cruz, and Nahuel Pan, which form an amphitheatre forested by native species.
Some 31.000 people live there and develop a solid cultural movement. Every year they organize the "Fiesta Provincial del Teatro".
There are also other groups, like the Choir of the University of Patagonia San Juan Bosco, the Welsh choir of Capilla Seion, as well as different artists who perform in Auditorio Municipal.
The Fiesta Nacional del Esquí is an important competition that has recently incorporated the tetrathlon, and calls for the participation of people from the country and the world.
The name Esquel has different entries and meanings. One is thistle, and another one is swamp.
Winters are cold, with a high percent of snow and rain, summers are tempered, with occassional frost and sunny luminous days.
On the west, the mountains produce microclimates due to the differences in altitude and the humid winds from the Pacific.
Precipitations vary fom 2.000 mm in the border with Chile to 150 mm. 150 km. to the west.
As in the rest of Patagonia, winds are strong even in summer and spring, and produce an effect of aridity due to evaporation.
There is a ski resort only some kilometres far called La Hoya.
The majestic landscape of milenary larch forests, endless mountain trails, rivers, and lakes invite you to peform different outdoor activities in an awesome environment.
Tranquility and beauty are unique. The four seasons have different peculiar characteristics: snow and ski in winter, an explosion of colours and flowers in spring, and in fall, leaves turning from yellow to red, ideal for photography.
Whatever moment you choose, your experience will be unforgettable.
In Esquel you can enjoy a magical adventure on the famous narrow gauge train, known as La Trochita, which travels up to El Maitén.

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