Southern Hundred-Year-Old Winery

Humberto Canale Winery is one of the first Patagonian undertakings to make export wines. Its facilities are open to visitors, who will be delighted by the fascinating winegrowing processes.

During an exhaustive tour, the vineyards are visited to learn about grapes and soils. The production processes are known and a splendid wine variety tasting session is enjoyed.

The area surrounding General Roca is characterized by its desert soils and a climate appropriate for the settlement of winegrowing entrepreneurs. The hundred-year-old winery called Humberto Canale is one of them and maybe one of the best known for the constant modernization of its facilities.

When we entered, we found the first construction raised by the founders who started this development with manual processes to make wine. The guided tour began with a visit to the vineyards, where we learned about the first part of the process and understood how the grapes are chosen, developed and harvested.

The aridity of the soil and the temperature extremes are two essential elements for the growth of the grapes. So are sunny days before the harvest. That is how the ideal grapes are managed.

As we entered the production rooms, we were speechless to see the neatness, tidiness and attention paid to the process that starts with the fermentation of the grapes until the wine is obtained. Modern machinery as well as professionals specialized in oenology, laboratory and agronomy who supervise the activity day after day are involved in the process.

“During the last 100 years, four generations of the same family have passed through the company. It all began with a small production. Technology was slowly incorporated until the present authorization to make fine international quality wines for export was managed”, our guide told us during the tour.

As we reached the cellars, we found ourselves in the presence of huge French and American oak barrels lying on cots to enable the wines to rest and age. The secret of the company is treasured in this cold and somehow dark space. The time each of the varieties needs to manage international acknowledgement and receive awards for being the best wines in cold regions.

At the museum room, we had a delicious tasting session. Amidst old machinery and tools, we learned a little bit more about the different varietals produced in the winery: their body, color and tannin components.

We resolved to buy some wine to take home, as we really appreciated the way in which quality is ensured. As we opened one bottle at home with our friends, we confirmed the care and attention every drop of Humberto Canale wine receives.

Autor Mónica Pons

Contact of the excursion or tour

Humberto Canale

Chacra 186 - J.J. Gomez (8332) General Roca, Río Negro, Argentina

Tel: +54 298-4430415

How to get hereHow to get here: Follow National Route 22 and you will get to Humberto Canale Street after 4 kilometers. Take J. J. Gómez Street and go along 4 kilometers. There is a big barrel in front of the winery's entrance.

Recommendations Guided tours: Ask by phone to check on what days and timetables the winery is open, as schedules change according to season. An access fee is charged.

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