Fishing Chimehuin River

The favorable conditions of the different habitats make them a popular choice for both keen anglers and experts at more sophisticated catch and release techniques.

Junín de los Andes is well-known for its wide range of sites where fishing is the main sport. The mere mention of Chimehuín brings to mind the most famed fly fishing river in the world for rainbow and brown trout.

Its expanse comprises really different, albeit excellent, angling locations. Three places stand out: the mouth of the Chimehuín and the upper and lower Chimehuín. The plateau or great rocky wall areas resulting in fast flowing waters and pools require varied techniques.

The source is accessed from the route. The most popular accesses are: the mouth, Piedra de los 11and Garganta del Diablo. Other frequently visited public accesses are: La Herradura fishing lodge, C.E.A.N. Curruhué, Curva del Manzano and Quilquihue. Parts of the lower stretch cannot be reached as they are in private property. Catch and release is mandatory as is the use of barbless hooks.

  • Chimehuin mouth

    Chimehuin mouth

  • The most entertaining country fishing

    The most entertaining country fishing

  • Catch and release

    Catch and release

  • Alone in the Chimehuin

    Alone in the Chimehuin

  • Different habitats

    Different habitats

Experts ‘read’ the water and its insects to select their flies appropriately. They know that when insects hatch, fish are more vulnerable and easier to catch. Anglers copy the nymphs and flies when tying their own lures. Flies can be wet or dry miming the ‘bugs’ that fly skimming the water or rise from its depth.

We cannot fail to mention the presence of sweet-water algae in the stretch of the Chimehuín before the Collón Curá and even in the Limay River. Difficult to eliminate, it alters the biodiversity of the environment and there has been an awareness campaign focusing on disinfection. It is essential to cleanse boats, gear and rods at the authorized posts before accessing the river.

The season is symbolically opened at the ‘banana’ bridge on a branch of the river on the coastline in the city. Years ago the ceremony used to take place at the famous mouth of the Chimehuin by Lake Huechulafquenin a stunning natural setting.
Junín de los Andes is the proud National Trout Capital and has always been a famous fishing and fly casting centre. Every year, The Provincial Trout Festival coincides with the beginning of the fly fishing season. All this makes it the ideal place to stay at to explore its rivers. Hostería Chimehuin has been chosen by anglers from all over the world for more than 50 years.

It is common knowledge that people who love fishing form clans who compete with one another for the best catch and gear.
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Useful Data

How to get here: You will find the accesses to the along Ruta Nacional 40 and Provincial 61 and 23.

Recommendations: Local outfitters are experienced floating and fishing guides for different methods and can provide the necessary equipment. They know the ins and outs of the season, the changes in the river and the rules and regulations. A fishing permit, granted by National Parks, is mandatory. It can be purchased at fishing stores and certain public offices.

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