Fishing Outings in Panguipulli

Year after year, lakes, rivers and brooks greet anglers willing to test their ability against these ‘fighter’ trout before releasing them.

When deciding on Panguipulli as a fishing destination, travelers should seek advice on the best sites as well as the most suitable rod, fly and line. Whichever circuit is chosen, the regulations must be complied with. Qualified fishing guides and angling stores will be happy to assist in making the right choice. Those who decide to go towards Los Lagos will find the Mañío River is a good fly-fishing spot. When it comes to trolling at Lake Mañío, there are several interesting sites: Puntilla Los Cipreses, La Isla del Amor and La Cruz. There is also the possibility to take the paved road along Lake Panguipulli towards Choshuenco up to Huanehue Bridge and fish the river from there. Three other great sites are the mouths of the Huanehue, the Niltre and the Toledo Rivers on the north coast.

  • The freezing cold, crystal clear waters in southern Chile

    The freezing cold, crystal clear waters in southern Chile

  • The paved road along Lake Panguipulli

    The paved road along Lake Panguipulli

  • Fishermen in their habitat

    Fishermen in their habitat

  • Breathtaking scenery

    Breathtaking scenery

  • An exuberant nature

    An exuberant nature

Yet another option is heading towards Pullinque hydro-electric power plant to reach the Tralahuapi River or fish along the Sauil River. To do so, anglers must go to La Bocatoma, the inlet pipe, and go over the bridge on the right to Tranca. If they go towards Coñaripe, the Pellaifa River guarantees good bites while fishing its coast to its mouth at Lake Calafquen. If they continue towards Liquiñe, they can wade the river where fly-fishing and catch and release are mandatory. Nearby lakes can be fished from boats or motorboats with the appropriate metal lures, considering the different depths. The most popular are Lakes Panguipulli, Calafquen, Pellaifa and Riñihue. Due to its glacial past, the Lake District abounds in meltwater, with winding coastlines and volcanic ash beaches framed by thick forests constituting a spectacular landscape. It is the perfect setting to quench the passion for angling in majestic surroundings under clear blue skies but at the same time it is also recreational and relaxing. All we need is a fishing permit and, to make sure the regulations are complied with.

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