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After an all-day excursion, there is nothing better than ending the day with a quiet evening. We ate out in Puerto Natales and enjoyed the aromas and flavors of the Southern cuisine.

Saltos del Paine Hotel and Restaurant

People with demanding palates must not hesitate to come close and taste Fernando Valenzuela's cooking at the Saltos del Paine hotel restaurant. Fernando cooks exquisitely. Gastronomic teacher at Punta Arenas, he travels to Natales to be in charge of one of the most distinguished spots as regards gastronomy. He uses herbs and fresh vegetables from the hotel owners' organic orchard in his cooking. He defines himself as an “anti-cuisine” chef, although after presenting the dishes, you can immediately realize that he is a lover of the classical with modern trends. As you watch them, you may start to taste them before they even reach your mouth. The fact is that Fernando, as he comes and goes along his very long kitchen, ornaments his dishes in such a way that focus is made exactly on what the customer has asked for.

  • For people with discerning palate

    For people with discerning palate

  • If we talk about class

    If we talk about class

  • A delicious regional dish

    A delicious regional dish

  • Is applauded by everybody

    Is applauded by everybody

This year, the protagonists are the delicious grilled steaks with fine herbs sauce, and the steaming French sautéed lamb chops, with Provençal sauce and dauphinoise potatoes au gratin. For dessert, nothing matches the calafate biscuit, as in Patagonia, it is best to pay tribute to the ancient pre-Columbian cultures with the products they would use in the South of the world. Wines from the best wineries in Chile accompany the menu.


Unquestionable referent of Puerto Natales. If we talk about class, there is nothing better than having dinner at the Hotel Costaustralis restaurant. Located on the waterfront area of the city opposite the Ultima Esperanza Inlet, from its large windows, the craft sailing the Señoret Channel may be observed. Its menu, written in three languages, evidences the international level of this restaurant. Traditional dishes from Southern Patagonia are the most recommended dishes by the bilingual staff waiting on your table. Although one dish may not be related to another, we advice customers to order the two house specials. Fresh Magellan spider crab with avocado pear leaves, finely chopped cucumber and birr sauce -accompanied with white wine, of course- or Puerto Natales hare civet marinaded with fine red wine, vegetables, pearl onion and the side dish you choose. To drink, the Casa Silva Lolol Gran Reserva red wine is a good proposal to match this game meat. Furthermore, Costaustralis has all the necessary infrastructure to hold meetings or events for groups ranging between 10 and 150 people. After dinner, delicious drinks may be tasted in the bar, enjoying the best view of the sea.

Concepto Índigo

Paula Cárdenas took charge of this restaurant one year ago and did marvels. Located on the corner of Ladrilleros and the waterfront, it is characterized by its polite and warm assistance. Smokers who wish to sit at its table must either bite their nails or be really patient, as smoking is not allowed. However, the prize is guaranteed: a delicious regional dish. Soft lights and alternative decoration spread all through the atmosphere. Books and magazines everywhere entertain visitors as they wait for their food. Of “inventive cuisine”, no red meat is served and, of all white meats, only fish is prepared. When visiting Concepto Índigo, we recommend that you taste a simple but delicious dish: ravioli stuffed with spider crab au gratin with sheep cheese. To drink, a glass of good export wine is enough. You had better choose the Chef dessert: chocolate mousse with raspberry sauce. It is said that whoever enters this restaurant does not wish to leave... there must be a reason.

Restaurante Natura “A Concept”

A cave outbursting with fresh water and new age music. Ideal for people who like vegetarian natural food, here they can eat tasty and healthy dishes. Its cuisine revolves around regional products. Everything there comes from the estancias and organic orchards in Puerto Natales. One can easily realize that chef Ciro González's 18 years of experience are not in vain. As he cooks, he defines himself as a “regional cook evolving along with tourism”. He has a clear idea of what audience he is aiming at and he does it well. Here, the best choice is fresh steamed fish in a bamboo basket, with fine herbs. To drink, forget about soda drinks. Choose regional fruit juice or browse the restaurant excellent Chilean wine list. Where is it? In the Charles Darwin Hotel, on Bulnes Street.

Aqua Terra

Whoever approaches this table will feel they are being waited on as if they were in their own living-room. Soft armchairs and lots of regional wood are part of this cozy atmosphere organized by María Elena Klasen both for the residents of her lodge and for visitors to enjoy the specialties of the facilities. The “Dorotea” pub, the canned music, the handicrafts in each corner, and the dim lights are some characteristics of this place -an invitation to stay longer. Servings are abundant and almost impossible to eat up. In Aqua Terra, European style dishes, seared meat and steamed vegetables are served. In this opportunity, it is necessary to recommend the delicious baqueano tenderloin in carmeniere wine sauce, from the Colchagua Valley, with rice and vegetables sautéed in the wok. To drink, there is nothing better than iced Chardonay. For dessert, we recommend that you order the house chocolate cake, which is applauded by everybody.

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