Thunder Pass Trekking Circuit

Desde Puerto Natales parten las expediciones hacia el Paso del Trueno, navegando los fiordos Resi y de las Montañas, en los rincones más australes de la Patagonia chilena.

The fjord of the Mountains is one of the many that make up the Chilean Patagonia. However, this imposing geography as a great alley enclosed between majestic mountains and glaciers comprises unparalleled beauty within the territory of the Kawesqar National Park , one of the last parks created in Chile. A majestic and unexplored bend The national park is a mosaic of glaciers, moraines, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests, wetlands and valleys that make up a virgin and unexplored ecosystem, a habitat of great biodiversity. Within its natural wonders, the fjord of the Mountains and the Sarmiento mountain range are molded in an ideal setting for trekking circuits, starting in the Resi valley, to enter the Thunder passage that runs through the fjord, to the bay of the Huiros, cross country through a valley of perennial forests, mobs, waterfalls and rocks. The Magallanes rainforest dominates the region where Magellanic coihues, Guaitecas cypresses and cinnamon are hoisted.

  • Thunder Pass Trekking Circuit

    Thunder Pass Trekking Circuit

  • Resi valley - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Resi valley - Thunder Pass Trekking

  • Trueno lagoon - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Trueno lagoon - Thunder Pass Trekking

  • Huiros Bay - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Huiros Bay - Thunder Pass Trekking

  • Bernal glacier - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Bernal glacier - Thunder Pass Trekking

  • Fjord viewpoint - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Fjord viewpoint - Thunder Pass Trekking

  • Alsina viewpoint - Thunder Pass Trekking

    Alsina viewpoint - Thunder Pass Trekking

The Sarmiento mountain range spills its glaciers towards the sea, which were shaping the landscapes of the Chilean fjords through the ancient glaciations. The rugged road without trails and navigation through the fjords reveal the live postcards of the Bernal, Hermann, Kiara, Alsina and Paredes glaciers. The contrast of the greens of the vegetation that begin to colonize the spaces abandoned by the retreat of the glaciers, the white fields, the blue of the sea, the iridescent tones of the ice walls make this circuit a privileged immersion in one of the natural bends of the planet almost unexplored. The park is a habitat for numerous species and is responsible for conserving native fauna, some endangered. In this circuit of trekking through the fjords, among the birds and mammals you can see picaflores, scratches, churrines, carpenters, huemules, red foxes and culpeos. On the coasts live wolves, sea elephants, Magellanic penguins, humpback whales, among others. From Puerto Natales, Patagonian Fjords organizes a 4-day expedition through the Thunder Pass, with accommodation at Resi, Kiara camps and the floating shelter in the heart of the fjord. It includes meals, the local guide, equipment porter service between the camps. It is recommended to wear appropriate attire and have experience in intensive walks. The terrain can become slippery and spongy, sometimes rocky and sloping, but everything is compensated by the wonderful landscape, a rich dinner and a restful rest.

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Patagonian Fjords

Puerto Natales, Puerto Natales, XII Región, Chile

Cell Phone Cell Phone: +56 89396235

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Medium - People with trekking experience
DurationDuration: 4 days
Recommendations Elements necessary for this expedition:
A daypack backpack (60 liters).
Front lamp, polar cap, sunglasses and gloves.
Quick-drying t-shirts, fleece coat, down jacket and waterproof parka of GoreTex technology or similar.
Quick-drying long tights or underwear, trekking pants and waterproof pants of GoreTex technology or similar.
Waterproof boots with GoreTex or similar technology, sandals or crocs to cross rivers and rest after walking.

There is no telephone coverage in the whole area, so you will be offline during the entire expedition.
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