Eating in the End of the World

Eastern, European and regional, recipes multiply the alternatives when it comes to eating out in Punta Arenas.

La Luna

A cozy joyful place, very cosmopolitan during most of the year as all tourists visiting Punta Arenas come along for a meal. This place is recommended to them by the best guides, who mention La Luna (the moon) as “the” restaurant in this southern city. “From October to mid April, this place turns into the Tower of Babel” says Mario, its proud owner who has managed this business for the last 5 years. One of the reasons for success is the good price-quality ratio, as well as the polite assistance. Chef Daniela Ojeda, native from Punta Arenas, is in charge of the kitchen and, along with a group of young people, especially women, she runs the restaurant. The menu reflects a varied cuisine according to the style of La Luna. It presents a complete proposal of regional seafood, fish, meat and pasta. A must-taste is the spider crab or seafood chupe, a pie served at very hot temperature in clay bowls which has become a classic. Another requested specialties are “ostiones parmesanos”, “sopa marinera” and “jardín de Luna y mar” , as main courses. For dessert, another representative of Patagonia: calafate mousse. The best Chilean wineries complete the menu which may start or end, according to preference, with a good pisco sour, of course.

  • The restaurant in this southern city

    The restaurant in this southern city

  • Punta Arenas recipes

    Punta Arenas recipes

  • La Luna

    La Luna

  • Eat very healthily and tasty

    Eat very healthily and tasty

The perfect finale for an excellent meal is setting a little flag on one of the large maps that decorate the walls, just like the astronauts when they landed on “the moon”.

The Farmer

This is the well-known Isla Rey Jorge hotel restaurant, where there are always demanding palates when it comes to exotic dishes. Eating here is far from a mere proceeding. Enrique Nuñez -the chef- is very much established in his post, from where he uses the experience he has acquired in various eastern and hindu cooking courses. It is best to come about without haste and let the specialists perform the usual display of aromas and flavors in the atmosphere while one relaxes amidst the English style decoration and the intimacy of the surroundings, as this “resto” has only 7 tables. Enrique knows what he is looking for. He is in the vanguard of Punta Arenas as regards the making of special dishes. With the passing of time, he has gained the recognition of his peers and his productions are a trademark. As an appetizer, we recommend the autochthonous Magellan spider crab, with homebaked cookie. Afterwards, the hare tenderloin with rice and hindu fruit may be tasted. Those of you who like spicy recipes should not miss the opportunity of tasting the eel sautéed in the eastern style: an aphrodisiac experience for the palate. The wine list is not extensive but the boutique wineries from Chile, of course, outstand.

Los Ciervos Restaurant

It is located in the inside of the splendid Río Los Ciervos estancia shell, where eating well has always been a slogan. Don Zaldivar Clavel –its owner- is a devoted homebaked bread maker, and he does not hesitate to put all his dedication so that his customers are more than pleased. While they wait for the food, among pisco sours and apéritifs, visitors may learn about the history of the place, which is narrated from the very walls of the restaurant. In various shades of grey, photographs held up in time evidence that this site witnessed to the birth of the City of Punta Arenas. Los Ciervos Restaurant is a clear example of how to eat very healthily and tasty. Should you approach this table, let yourself be tempted by the smoked salmon and accompany it with some lemon drops – a delicacy hard to be explained. When it is time for a meal, the Patagonian Lamb chops with papitas chanchas and chimi churry continue to occupy the first position. The aroma, the color and the flavors receive all the applause. If dieting is to be discontinued, for dessert we recommend the pancakes with manjar (dulce de leche in Argentina), and then you can tell me about it. The wines from the large Chilean wineries are the best choice to accompany these dishes.

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