Temuco Temuco - Plaza de Armas Anibal Pinto - Photo: Jorge González

In the Mapuche tongue, “temuco” means “temu water”. The temu is a native tree in these latitudes observed in the entire region. Together with the monkey-puzzle tree, it is one of the most representative species in the area.

The City of Temuco was the last bastion of the Mapuche people upon the arrival of the white man. This may be appreciated in its historical and regional museums, among which the Monkey-puzzle Tree Regional Museum stands out. Its doors are an invitation to learn all the secrets of this singular region.

The Municipal Market, located in the downtown, is one of the nerve centers in Temuco. It is at this location when the hustle and bustle of this great metropolis may be felt day after day through its smells, its colors, and especially the diversity of dishes served there are.

These samples of a local culture are combined with the magnetism of a big city and the natural attractions in the surroundings: its national parks, its volcano and some nearby hills are ideal sceneries for outdoor life.

The City of Temuco has everything for the visitor: culture, history and nature. Everything in the same place, in the same city.

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Map of Temuco

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