Vines of Nant and Fall

On the Welsh Route, the chakra of Viñas del Nant and Fall is a site that attracts the attention of travelers of the world. The vineyard and the winery are its main attractions.

Viñas del Nant y Fall is an agrotouristic farm located 12 km from Trevelin , on Route 259, on the way towards the border with Chile. The Welsh Route offers many attractions to travel its 39 km in search of the most beautiful landscapes and protected areas. Among them, a destination to visit is this farm, carried out by Sergio Rodríguez and his family. Passions and hard work The 4 ha farm is crossed by the Nant and Fall stream in the Trevelin Valley. With time and hard work, the rugged ground of rosehip became a field of soft green greens and vines. The family has three lines of work. The first activity that emerged was fish farming in an artificial lagoon. The bucolic landscape was filled with birds that like low waters such as herons, ducks, biguás.

  • Vista aérea de las viñas

    Vista aérea de las viñas

  • A place to enjoy delicious cuisine and fine wines

    A place to enjoy delicious cuisine and fine wines

  • The vineyards

    The vineyards

  • The vineyards

    The vineyards

  • A haven of tranquility

    A haven of tranquility

  • Gastronomy and excellent wines

    Gastronomy and excellent wines

  • Ecocamping


A small hillside with northern exposure that was discovered was the starting point of the first vines, mostly Pinot Noir. Thorough work and young vineyards were transformed into the present of the Rodriguez family. Well maintained, with optimal results and scores, the vineyards are the main attraction of the farm and its wines are being recognized in the world. Guided tours are made to know the origins of the vineyard and the wine process, with fresh aromas and notes of red fruits. The vitivinicultura in these latitudes assumes a work of sacrifice, with an extreme care of the frosts, but its performance in the gastronomic fairs has enhanced its growth. Ecocamping is the third activity. The property has space for motorhomes, ideal for those who travel in a motor home and want to enjoy this oasis to the fullest in the Trevelin Valley. Viñas del Nant and Fall is a site in constant transformation. Each person can find what they need for their rest or vacation. Each visit is a different and refreshing experience, full of passions and mountain landscapes. Travelers arriving in Viñas del Nant and Fall in Trevelin can enjoy delicious cuisine and fine wines, stop by the regional products store, rest on the banks of the stream or camp.

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