Rafting on the Corcovado Rapids

The Corcovado is one of the most generous rivers in Patagonia for rafting. They are kilometers of full enjoyment and splendid biodiversity.

Rafting on the Corcovado Rapids

At the foot of the mountain range, the towns of Esquel, Trevelin and Corcovado are the main destinations within the Region of Los Alerces and the Corcovado River is the paradise of sport fishing and adventure tourism. When summer arrives, the protagonist of this region is the deep blue river and its entire basin. Also known as Carrenleufú, the Chubutense River is an emissary of Lake Vintter/Palena, crosses the border, where it changes its name, and flows into the Pacific Ocean.

The Corcovado is horseshoe-shaped and is distinguished from other basins by its route from south to north. On the Argentine side, between the communities of Corcovado and Carrenleufú, the river is characterized by fast currents, ideal for lovers of floating in the rivers, kayaking and whitewater rafting and adventure in the mountain range.

Since the river became the mecca of rafting enthusiasts, the town of Corcovado has acquired the appearance of a tourist village with new infrastructure and a charming attraction between mountains and rivers, with everything you need to rest and practice water sports.

Numerous rivers and streams pour their waters into the Corcovado, so that its lower stretch towards the border with Chile has all the strength to practice floating, paddling and overcoming the frothy currents. The best time to embark on this adventure is summer, when the meltwater increases the flow of the river and intensifies the experience.

Rafting on the Corcovado Rapids

Adrenaline in mountain rivers

The Corcovado River is one of the main destinations to practice the descent of the rivers in Patagonia. The potential of the environment invites you to plan a summer vacation, soaked in the color of water, forests and mountains. Ñires, lengas and coihues make up the largest area of native forest, which make the destination as appetizing as the adventure itself in the water. There is no better way to practice some activity in nature to try to understand what is drawn in front of the eyes, feeling the experience with your hands. 

The Corcovado course offers different levels to enjoy the rafting descents and put physical dexterity at stake. In the beginning, in the first section, the friendliest levels allow a familygroups of beginners to overcome the activity and have fun with the right dose of adrenaline. The second section comprises more advanced levels, ideal for people who have some experience and want to explore the descent into more turbulent waters, through incredible boxed landscapes and splendid biodiversity. 

Before getting on the gomón, all participants have a technical talk and receive the safety equipment. The excursions can last between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the chosen sections. After the talk, the crew are ready to start paddling at the first indication of the guides. The shaking and laughter go hand in hand, until the first rapids arrive that shoot the excitementmake you jump in fright. In addition, the stage is a paradise for sport fishing.

Rafting on the Corcovado Rapids

Proposals of Comarka Expeditions

Classical Corcovado River

After the technical talk at the base of Comarka Expediciones, at the Sol y Luna campsite, the adventure begins a few minutes near Corcovado, on the beach of the village sawmill, with all the equipment indicated for the float. It is one of the most demanded activities that does not require experience. There are 2 hours of maneuvers in the river, traveling 13 km, between paddles and dives and return to the rubber. It can be considered a baptism for those people who want to begin to practice full enjoyment more frequently in the midst of the meandering rapids.

Corcovado River to the border

In this case, the excursion departs 10 km from the city, on the Hielo River. The tour has a high level of difficulty, ideal for visitors looking for extreme adrenaline in the mountain rivers. For 4 hours, you can enjoy the 22 km itinerary, with an intermediate stop for lunch and replenishment. It ends at the Carrenleufú footbridge, from where you can have an excellent view of the river of transparent and steep beauty. This outing is for people over 12 years old.

Corcovado River down from full moon

The experience is done on full moon nights, in the first section of 13 km. It combines doses of adrenaline with a natural framework more than imposing in the light of the moon. To the usual equipment are added helmet with flashlight and vest with fluorescences.

Reviews include refreshments. Excursions can be hired from EsquelTrevelinwithout transfer, directly at the base of the provider.

Rafting on the Corcovado Rapids

Autor Miriam Coronel

Contact of the excursion or tour

Comarka Rafting

Corcovado (9200) Esquel, Chubut, Argentina

Cel: +54 2945-351919

Tour KindTour Kind: Rafting.

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Class II and III

How to get hereHow to get here: Leaving from Esquel, take National Route 259 and then turn into Provincial Route 17; the total distance to cover is 92 kilometers.
Leaving from Trevelin, travel 75 kilometers along Provincial Route 17.
From Chile, the District of Alto Palena lies 11 kilometers away from the border. There is an international pass and visitors must travel along 26 kilometers across Argentinian territory in order to reach Corcovado.

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