A Horseback Ride to Coa-Có

A horseback ride to the Coa-Có cascade allowed us to visit this place and climb the mountain without much effort. This excursion gave us the illusion to feel like experienced horseback riders.

A horseback ride in which we let ourselves be carried away through thick vegetation and a fast mountain stream. The excellent hooves of the horses helped us avoid obstacles and visit corners with unique natural scenery.

Our meeting point to set off was under huge shady trees, where half a dozen elegant horses of beautiful chestnut were quietly waiting for us.

Our presence did not affect them in any way. They appeared to be docile and used to the contact with strangers. There was no need to tie them up. In a few minutes, among trees and dust, other four horses arrived and joined the animals ready to start the horseback ride.

Our guide, Osbel Olate, saddled up the horses one at a time in a ritual without haste. He firmly adjusted each saddle and assigned one horse to each rider. Once the group was ready, we began to leave the venue leisurely following a single line.

On the first trail, we rode through the forest among high and old tree species. It was a shady forest, ideal to protect us from the summer sun. We smelled the scent of some trees as we passed under their branches.

We said goodbye to the last houses of the town as we went ahead by a neighboring road. Silence came upon us and we just heard the smooth rubbing of the saddle on the horse and our feet into the stirrups.

Like in Western Movies

As we waded across Coa-Có Creek, the road became narrower and we rode almost parallel to the water stream. It was a stony road and somewhat slippery, but the firm horses steps calmed us down.

The horses gently chose the trail, where to step and when to take more time to go ahead. We only had to let ourselves be guided along and behold the landscape.

Eventually, we reached some wooden balconies from where we looked at the highest part of the stream which flew along a very deep ravine. In the distance, we watched the waterfall from a great height and the strength of the watercourse below, in the pool.

A huge basalt rock seemed to hold up the cascade with a high 25-metre slope. We learned that the volume of stream water varied according to the season and the rain and meltdown pattern.

From The Balcony

There is a great diversity of plants all around as a result of the humidity in the forest. The river banks were packed with huge and old cypress trees.

On our arrival, we exchanged the saddles for some wood benches on which we could stare at the landscape for a while. We enjoyed the 180 degrees landscape view and we could see so far as the Traful lake which, from a high point, was even more impressive.

Osbel told us that the source of this stream came from several creeks which emerged spontaneously from the ground in the outskirts of Mount Monje. This short stream ended up in the lake near the piers.

Once we started our way back, we rode on the same stony trail. We said goodbye to our chestnut coat friends with a gentle caress on their neck and head and they responded with a movement of their long tails.

We rode at a slow pace, which settled us down and made us talk in a soft voice. Once on horseback, riders had to let themselves flow.

Other roads also lead to the cascade and allowed an easy hike through coihues and ñires wood. Our good equine friends made the rode easy and effortless for us.

This excursion gave us the taste of the humid soil in the wood, the ups and downs on the saddle and the spectacular scenery, all at our hands.

Autor Mónica Pons

Contact of the excursion or tour

Cahuel Cabalgatas - Osbel Olate y Francisco Reising

(8403) Villa Traful, Neuquén, Argentina

Tel: +54 294-4479097

Tour KindTour Kind: Horseback riding

Level of DifficultyLevel of Difficulty: Low

DurationDuration: 1 hour and a half

Recommendations Wear comfortable clothes, closed-toes shoes and sun hat.
Children must be accompanied by grown-ups.
Ask for other guided tours.

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