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Magic at Salto del Agrio

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The Salto del Agrio - Caviahue

One of the most eye-catching sites in Caviahue is Salto del Agrio. Located in the surroundings of this beautiful city, its majesty summons curious visitors from all round the world.

Leaving from Caviahue, visitors must take Provincial Route 27 and head for Copahue. Once there, they should turn right into the road signed as Cañadón del Trolote which will take them to the famous cascade. They should always pay attention to sign posts.

The journey covers approximately 10 kilometers along a gravel road escorted by monkey-puzzle trees and the Agrio River, with some of its multiple cascades. It ends beside a small rocky mountain.

This is when visitors should get out of their vehicle in order to get real proof of this wonder.
The Salto del Agrio - Caviahue
It is astonishing: a giant waterfall drops into the void from approximately 60 meters of height and explodes into a small lagoon waiting patiently below.

The water wake and a deafening sound take hold of the scene and there are countless sensations to be enjoyed at this moment. The effect of the sunlight on the stones is immediately noticed. The golden hues tinge absolute everything; therefore, many people get close to the water body to see the real color of the rocks lying on the shore.
The Salto del Agrio - Caviahue
According to the Mapuches dwelling in this area, this waterfall has always been a place for worship and is guarded by a group of monkey-puzzle trees which, along with the Copahue Volcano, give color to this real postcard.

A magical place to be dazzled by Mother Nature and its wonders. Simply, a must visit for all those touring around the area.
The Salto del Agrio - Caviahue
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There are several tours to Salto del Agrio starting in January. If you want to go on your own, the local Tourist Office will provide the necessary directions as well as a map.
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